You both swiped right and talked for a bit, now it's time to take them on a date. Where to? Perhaps "grabbing a drink" is a little too cliche for you. Or maybe you're underage. Or you just want to have a good time sans alcoholic beverages.

Whatever the case may be, we know you definitely want to 'wow' your date, and who says you can't have fun sober? So, why not check out these 13 unique places to take a date to in Calgary if you don't drink:

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Calaway Park // 245033 Range Rd 33

Amusement parks are the perfect place for a first date. Between all the rides, fun and laughter, there'll never be a dull moment. Although, it can get a bit messy. Calaway's famous log ride might leave you and your date soaking wet, so you might wanna bring a raincoat!

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Laser Quest // 9950 Macleod Tr SE

You're never too old for Laser Tag. Laser Quest is one of YYC's most popular Laser Tag spots and a great place to take your date. Sure, you might get your ass beat by a bunch of very skilled 10-year-olds, but that's not the point.

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Calgary Zoo // 1300 Zoo Rd NE

Of course, we couldn't forget the Calgary Zoo. Probably one of the Calgary's more popular date spots. The Calgary Zoo has tons of cool displays from Illuminasia to Zoo Lights, all year around. However, you might have to choose your day wisely. On weekends you'll be sharing your date space with families with hyperactive small children and on weekdays, elementary school field trips. Beware of the child trying to climb into the gorilla pit...

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Escape Room // 2015 32 Ave NE

Can you escape? Escape rooms are a personal favorite and a great way to test your teamwork and cooperation. If you've never been to an escape room, here's the low-down: You and your partner(s) are given 60 minutes to escape from a locked room as a team. Within those 60 minutes, you must solve a series of puzzles to unlock the final door to freedom. If you solve the puzzles, congrats, you're free! If not, well... that's for you to find out.

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Telus Spark Science Centre // 220 St Georges Dr NE

The perfect place for Bio majors and science nerds to fall in love. The Science Centre has everything from gross to cool. Discover the human body, energy and so much more. Let's just hope your date doesn't have a weak stomach, it can get rather... graphic.

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Color Me Mine // 41 High St SE

Show off your artistic side at Color Me Mine! Don't be afraid to go hard in the paint. Literally.

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Free Spirit Dance // 112 16 Ave NW

Take a dance class at Free Spirit Dance! Okay, dancing isn't everyone's forte, but the lovely dance instructors at Free Spirit Dance will have you feeling like a Michael Jackson/Beyonce love-child. Don't be shy, grab your date and get jiggy with it.

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Screamfest Calgary // Stampede Park 20 Roundup Way SE

What's better than a horror movie? A haunted house, of course! Ditch the cheesy, movie theatre yawn reach thing and let your date, quite literally, jump into your arms. Unless you get scared and end up hiding behind your date...  Maybe this isn't the best first date idea for those who are easily frightened.

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Village Ice Cream // 431 10 Ave SE

No clowns... No Chainsaws... Just Ice Cream. Perhaps Ice Cream is a better date option for those of you who don't do the whole "getting chased by a dude with a chainsaw" thing. If you're ever looking for a delicious cone in YYC, Village Ice Cream is the place to be. Fair warning, they have tons of flavours, so the only horror you'll face there is trying to decide which one you want.

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Nando's // 1029 17 Ave SW

If you've got a hearty appetite, head on over to Nando's. Nothing says "great first date" like the lovely taste of Southern African chicken (or a Casa Salad, if you're a vegetarian) and good conversation. Try your best not to eat the peri fries off your date's plate, though. I know, they're addicting.

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Ollia Macarons & Tea // 810C 16 Ave SW

The way to one's heart is through their sweet tooth... That's a thing, right? Well, if it isn't, it should it be. You should test the theory at Ollia Macarons & Tea... for science purposes, of course.

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Heritage Park Historical Village // 1900 Heritage Drive SW

The 1850's are calling...  Take yourself back and explore the history of Calgary, the 1860's fur trade and more at Heritage Park Historical Village. What's more romantic than ride in a horse carriage through over 100 years of history?

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Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium // 1415 14 Ave NW

If your date is a drama major or loves the theatre, the Jubilee Auditorium would be the perfect first date. The Jube has tons of live performances and plays every month. From Lion King on Broadway (a personal favorite) to Opera to Circus Performances, the Jube will definitely be an enjoyable experience for you and your SO.

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