Okotoks is a cute little country town about 15-20 minutes south of Calgary. We're best known for being the home of Big Rock and our Costco that is less busy than the ones in the city. However, what most don't know is that Okotoks has a really nice food scene. Our locally-owned restaurants provide delicious food that everyone should try, really.

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If you haven't been to Okotoks or don't spend much time here or you're just an Okotokian who hasn't really spent much time exploring our food scene (unlikely) - here's a guideline for a few restaurants you need to eat at. Trust me, they are totally worth the drive!

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Rylie's Cattle Barn Cookhouse & Saloon // 263 - 200 Southridge Drive

Grab your cowboy boots! Add some country pride to your meal at Rylie's Cattle Barn. If you spend most of the year counting down until Stampede, Rylie's Cattle Barn was probably made for you!

Rylie's Must-Try: Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Saigon Sun Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine // 245 - 200 Southridge Drive

If you love Pho, Vermicelli bowls and Vietnamese food in general, Saigon Sun Vietnamese Cuisine is the perfect place to satisfy your taste buds. Trust me, I swear by this!

Saigon Sun Must-Try: Grilled Chicken, Beef & Shrimp on Rice Vermicelli (#16)

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Heartland Cafe // 46 MacRae Street

Heartland Cafe is a locally owned restaurant that has been around making delicious meals in Okotoks for over 23 years. This is the perfect place to grab yourself a nice brunch or dinner. The food never disappoints!

Heartland Must-Try: Atlantic Salmon

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Almira's Mediterranean Grill  // Suite F 40 Elizabeth Street

If you're a Shawarma lover, Almira's Mediterranean Grill is about to become your second home.

Almira's Must-Try: Chicken Shawarma

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Cha Cha John's Fusion Kitchen // 155 - 100 Stockton Ave

Cha Cha John's Fusion Kitchen is about to be your new favorite cuisine. The restaurant features a mix of Indian and modern foods that'll leave your mouth begging for more.

Cha Cha John's Must-Try: Chicken Tikka Masala

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Bistro 1882 // 52 North Railway Street

Bistro 1882 is an adorable little restaurant in Okotoks that is located in Okotoks' 1882 Sheep River Post Office. The restaurant not only is historic to the town, but also offers a delicious selection of meals, snacks and desserts. (Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options are available!)

Bistro 1882 Must-Try: Caramel Flan

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Big Rock Inn // 101 Elizabeth Street

Your new favorite authentic Asian cuisine is waiting for you! Big Rock Inn offers a wide range of delicious options and not to mention, an amazing buffet. Totally worth the visit!

Big Rock Must-Try: Chicken Chow Mein

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Big Sky BBQ Pit // 306016 15 Street East

Big Sky BBQ Pit is the restaurant for those craving a good ole classic Albertan/Southern-Style meal. If you love beef and beans, well, Big Sky is the place for you. Show off that Albertan/Southern pride!

Big Sky Must-Try: Baked Beans and Smoked Meat

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Ikoi Sushi & Grill // 407 235 Milligan Drive

Sushi for days! Ikoi Sushi & Grill is one of the best places in Okotoks to get a delicious plate of sushi. You've found your new favorite sushi bar.

Ikoi Must-Try: Spicy Dynamite Roll

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Spices East Indian Dining // 445 - 200 Southridge Drive

Indian food galore. Spices is a delicious East Indian restaurant that truly gives you a taste of India. Prep that tongue for a world of intense flavour!

Spices Must-Try: Butter Chicken & Chicken Vindaloo

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Bradley's Grill House // 411 - 200 Southridge Drive

If you're looking for a nice sit-down restaurant to have a delicious lunch or dinner, take some time to head on over to Bradley's Grill House. This restaurant is perfect for dinner dates!

Bradley's Must-Try: Cowboy Brisket

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Brown's Socialhouse // 601 - 200 Southridge Drive

Let's get social! Head on over to Brown's Socialhouse for a delicious meal fit for a social butterfly!

Brown's Must-Try: Tahitian Tuna Social Bowl

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Brown Sugar Bake Shop // 109 -235 Milligan Drive

Not necessarily a "restaurant" but the food is way too good to be left out of this bucket list! Brown Sugar Bake Shop will give you the best soup and sandwich combo you've ever tasted! And provide you with a tasty dessert. (Gluten Free options available!)

Brown Sugar Must-Try: Santa Fe Pizza


Pho Hoai // 153 - 71 Riverside Drive West

Pho Hoai is pho-nomenal. This Vietnamese cuisine the perfect place to get a delicious, warm bowl of Pho.

Pho Hoai Must-Try: Spicy Pho Saté

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