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14 Unique Places To Study In Calgary So You Feel Like You Still Have A Life

Don't let midterm szn get the best of you.

We're in the midst of October, so that means midterms are upon us. October to November is easily the hardest time of year for a lot of students. We're swamped with group projects, midterms, papers, and studying for upcoming finals. With all of the never-ending craziness going around us, it's difficult to maintain a social life.

No matter how busy you get though, it's always important to take time for yourself and take frequent breaks. I'm not saying that it's a good idea to go on a 3-day bender when you have an essay due on Monday, but a night out to take a break from studying probably won't kill you, especially if you're in dire need of some stress relief.

Everyone studies differently, whether you're a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learner, there's no wrong way to study, it's just a matter of finding what works for you. If you find you can't study in a public place, or with a group of friends, it may be harder for you to maintain your social life, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

If you're a real master at studying, you'll already know that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too; sometimes it's just a matter of finding the perfect study spot where you can chill with your friends and get outside, while still getting shit done. If you're looking to get away from your desk for awhile, grab your study group and hit up one of these super cool study spots:

Shisha Bars

Coffee Shops


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