Alright, let's be real. You're probably really tired of dinner/movie dates. Or maybe you were sent this article by your significant other. In which case, I am here to tell you (sweetly) that your s/o is really tired of dinner/movie dates. 

Don't get me wrong, dinner and a movie is your classic date. It's easy, uncomplicated, and can be super romantic. And I'm sure your s/o probably really appreciates it... but that being said, if your last 3 dates consisted solely of dinner and movie (Yes, Netflix and chill counts)... you need to keep reading this article.

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I am here to help you because as fun as it is to eat and enjoy yet another superhero movie, sometimes it's nice to step outside your comfort zone and switch it up a bit. ('Mind you, seeing a 3D superhero movie instead is not switching it up.) Here are a few things you can do that are not your typical dinner and movie, but will give you the same (or even more) satisfaction and get you a second date.

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Explore the world of science at Telus Spark.

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Catch some air at Flying Squirrel.

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Put a twist on 'dinner & movie' at Jubilation's Dinner Theatre.

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Grab a cone at Village Ice Cream.

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Plan a day trip or hike through Alberta's beautiful Rockies.

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Kick it old school at Lloyd's Roller Rink.

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Go on an adventure through history at Heritage Park Historical Village.

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Rent a cheap cabin for a romantic weekend getaway.

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Roll a strike at Century Bowling.

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Bring your boy (or girl) to the yard with a REGRUB milkshake.

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Test your teamwork at Escape 2gether.

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Bring out your competitive side at PIPS Board Game Cafe.

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Have blast at Monster Mini Golf.

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Be totally cultured at the Glenbow Museum.

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Go on a walk through Calgary's winter wonderlands.

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Enjoy delicious cocktails and drunk conversation at Model Milk.

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Gaze up at the stars at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory.

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