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25 Magical Places In Calgary To Go On A Date During The Holidays

Cuffing season is upon us!

October is officially over, the snow has been building up for over a week now, and Christmas displays are popping up left, right, and centre. You know what that means; the holiday season has finally arrived. Here come the days of fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and binge watching all your favourite Christmas films. Are you as excited as we are?

One thing I've noticed about the cold weather, especially as I get older, is that it seems to bring people together. Millennials often refer to this time of year as "cuffing season" because so many of us find ourselves in relationships as the seasons change and the days get shorter. Maybe it's because we need someone to cuddle with through the colder months, or maybe it's because we want a boo to show off on Instagram while going on all kinds of cute dates.

If you're not looking to get cuffed this season, have no fear; you can still do all your favourite winter activities solo, or with your best friends! Calgary has an abundance of magical places to explore that will help you set the perfect mood for the upcoming holiday season, and hopefully get you in the spirit of giving.

We know that this time of year can be a financial strain on a lot of people, so we've split our date ideas up by price point, so that you can enjoy this winter, and stay in budget. Which of Calgary's best holiday spots will you explore? But first...

What's your budget?


$5 - $15

$15 - $30

$30 - $50

$50 - $100

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