39 Things You Gotta Do This March 2018 In Calgary

Spring is right around the corner!

A new month is almost upon us, and you know what that means... Another list of things to look forwards to! March is an exciting month for many people. With it comes the end of winter, and the beginning of spring, which, for most of us, is like a breath of fresh air.

Take advantage of this new month and season as a chance to start fresh and try some new things! If 2018 hasn't been off to the greatest start for you thus far, this may be exactly what you need to recover. With plenty happening this month, from trivia nights of all your favourite binge worthy shows, to Mario Kart challenges, you have endless opportunities to break out of your shell and have some fun.

Let's not forget that March is also the month of St. Patrick's Day, the perfect excuse to get a little rowdy and enjoy a drink or two. With so many exciting things to look forwards to, it may be hard to pick and choose which events should take priority on your social calendar.

This list includes everything from tasty restaurants and classy nights out, to exciting dates and casual, affordable events for everyone to enjoy. You won't be disappointed with what March has to offer in Calgary, to say the least!

Things To Eat & Drink

Things To Do On A Date

Things To Do For Under $20

Things To Do That Are Classy AF

Things To Do For Free

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