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40 Super Fun Calgary Things To Do With Your Significant Other This December 2017

Snowflakes n' chill.

If you haven't hopped on the cuffing season bandwagon yet, you'd better get moving. You may say that you enjoy being single now, but come mid-December, when all your friends are posting cute snaps of their dates with their boo, you're gonna wish you weren't at home in your PJ's alone, watching Elf for the 20th time this month.

I'll be the first to say it; there's nothing better than love, especially during the holiday season. Visiting all the beautiful Christmas light displays, sipping on hot chocolate after a skate date, and attending fun, unique winter festivals are so much better with the person you love by your side. If love isn't really your thing, though, you can totally do all these things with your best friend too 😉.

Winter in Calgary is something every Albertan should experience at least once. Sure, it's been known to get pretty cold and snowy, but if you can look past that and throw on your jacket and some boots, you'll have the time of your life. From Zoolights to skating at Olympic Plaza, and The Nutcracker Ballet to the CP Holiday Train, there's plenty to do and see this holiday season. You and your boo will never run out of things to do, thanks to this awesome list we've compiled for you:

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