With a new year, comes all sorts of opportunities to reinvent yourself. You can change your appearance, your attitude, your outlook on life, and a number of other things this year. It's definitely an exciting time, but in order to successfully change yourself, you also may need to switch up your routine.

Maybe you spent a lot of 2017 at home on the couch, binge watching all your favourite Netflix series, or spent too much time studying, and not enough time exploring your city. Whatever the case may be, we say that you make it a point in this coming year to get more familiar with YYC. This is a great city, with plenty to offer for people of all backgrounds.

The holiday festivities may be over, but that doesn't mean you need to stop celebrating completely. Winter is still in full swing, and there's plenty of exciting festivals, events, and places for you to check out. Not only will you become a lot more knowledgable about our city, you'll also have plenty of opportunities to take pictures to make all your Snapchat and Instagram followers super envious. You don't always need to travel far away to look cool online 😉.

Following through with your New Years resolutions can be overwhelming, so we've decided to make your life a little bit easier by compiling a bucket list for you to complete in 2018. With everything from restaurants to check out, to classy af things for you to treat yourself to, you're sure to have an insane year.

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Go for Sunday Brunch at Starbelly

Widely recognized as one of Calgary's Top 10 Restaurants, Starbelly should definitely be on your radar in the new year. Plan a Sunday outing with the girls so you can sip on mimosas and catch up.

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Start the semester off right, studying at Cafe Fresco

A new year also means a new semester, and that means it's time to kick it into high gear. If you start the semester off with a lot of motivation and hard work, it's more likely to carry through the rest of the year.

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Celebrate a fresh start with drinks at Brown's Social House

Personally, this is one of my favourite spots to drink. They've got an amazing menu, and their peach bellini's are incredible. If you haven't been before, make a point to visit in the new year.

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Try some vegan cuisine at The Coup

A lot of people use the new year as an excuse to try new diets, and if going vegetarian or vegan has been on your bucket list for awhile now, there's no time like the present to try it. The Coup has a great selection of super healthy, vegetarian and vegan options to get you started.

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Take a date out for fancy dinner at Anju

A new year also means new potential for love interests, and you'll definitely want to impress them. Take your date out for a fancy dinner they'll never forget.

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Try a crazy fun milkshake at Regrub

It's never too cold for a milkshake. Every Calgarian has undoubtedly heard of this spot, and their insane milkshakes and burgers. If you haven't personally tried it, though, we highly recommend you do.

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Chow down on some delicious poutine from The Big Cheese

With two locations in YYC, it won't be very difficult at all for your poutine dreams to come true this winter. Treat yourself, or use it as a hangover cure; the options are endless.

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See how many foods you can cross off this Calgary Bucket List

Like we said, there's a lot of potential in this upcoming new year. Life's too short to not enjoy delicious foods, so you might as well eat the good stuff while you can.

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Bundle up and hit one of the cities' outdoor skating rinks

Winter is the perfect time for a skate date, whether it's with your s/o, or your bestie. The city has plenty of rinks for you to check out and practice your skills.

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Visit Zoolights before it's too late

If you couldn't make it in 2017, Zoolights will be open until January 6th for you to enjoy. This year is brighter than ever, so you won't wanna miss out.

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Throw on your jerseys and watch a Calgary Flames game

I recently went to my first Flames game with my boyfriend, and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The atmosphere is super great, and the food and drinks are even better.

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Make a day trip to Banff National Park

Easily one of the most beautiful spots you can visit in Alberta, why wouldn't you want to take a date here? There's plenty to do in Banff, from shopping, to eating, to adventuring. 

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Hit one of Alberta's nicest ski resorts

If your s/o is the outdoorsy type, take them on a trip to the slopes. Afterwards, you can snuggle up with some hot chocolate and relax.

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Visit The Rec Room

The Rec Room recently opened here in Calgary, and is making waves. It's definitely worth the hype, as there's something for people of all ages to enjoy. If you're the competitive type, challenge your partner to a few rounds of whatever game you'd like.

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Head to the top of the Calgary Tower

Hope you're not scared of heights. The Calgary Tower is a super popular tourist destination but honestly, it's pretty cool. There's also a restaurant at the top, if you're looking to treat your date to dinner.

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Get to know one another at a cute Kensington cafe

First dates can definitely be nerve wracking, but they don't always need to be. Take your date to a cute and casual coffee shop; there's no pressure, and you can get to know one another super well.

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Try your hand at thrift shopping

We know your wallet is feeling the post-Christmas blues, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe needs to be too. Thrifting is actually a great way to save money, and if you look hard enough, you can find some really cool pieces.

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If all your friends are busy, go on a solo adventure through YYC

With a new semester starting, it's likely that all of your friends are going to be swamped with school work, and none of your schedules will match up. That doesn't mean you need to become a hermit, though. Explore Calgs by yourself, see what hidden gems you can find.

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Visit The Glenbow Museum

People often associate museum's with art nerds, but they're actually super cool. The Glenbow only charges $16 for admission, or $11 with valid student ID. There's plenty for you to check out.

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Get nerdy at TELUS Spark

For just $20, you can spend the day exploring the wonder that TELUS Spark has to offer. With ever changing exhibits, and unique events, you'll always have an excuse to come back.

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Get a brief music education at Studio Bell

If you like music, even a little bit, you'll want to hit up Studio Bell. There's plenty to be seen, and plenty to learn, and for just $18 you can gain a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Belt out some karaoke at Ducky's Pub

This is probably the best way to embarrass yourself, or your friends. Get a group together and visit Ducky's on 4th for some drinks and karaoke. Make sure you video tape yourself, you'll want to rewatch this later.

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Play a round at Monster Mini Golf

For just $13, you can challenge your crew to a round of glow in the dark mini golf. There's nothing like some friendly competition; winner buys lunch?

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Fly high at Flying Squirrel Sports

$20 will get you an hour of fun here, with admission to 13 unique attractions, including dunk hoops, a dodgeball court, and a foam pit.

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Get some R&R at the Banff Upper Hot Springs

Talk about pure relaxation. For just a few dollars, you can soak in the amazing, mineral infused hot springs while taking in that gorgeous mountain view. There's nothing better.

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Dress up and treat yourself to a dinner at one of YYC's fanciest spots

If you're the kind of person who needs an excuse to dress up, let this be it. Grab a group of your closest friends, or your s/o, and head out for an elegant night on the town.

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Enjoy a night out on the town at one of Calgary's nightclubs

Whether you prefer Common or Cowboys, a night out on the town is sure to do you some good. Get dressed up to the nines, throw on your heels, and get ready to dance the night away.

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Treat yourself to a hair appointment with an amazing Calgary stylist

There's nothing classier than great hair. With your new 'do, you'll look and feel like a million bucks. Lucky for you, our city is full of amazing hair talent.

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Book yourself the spa treatment you deserve

After a stressful holiday szn, there's no better gift to give yourself than a massage or a facial. Calgary is full of amazing spas that will leave you feeling bad and boujee, not broke and boujee.

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Plan a getaway to an amazing Alberta resort

Sometimes you've just gotta get away. Luckily, there's plenty of gorgeous mountain destinations, just a few hours away from Calgary. Pack your bags, and hit the road, Jack.

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If you're one to drink, check out our brewery road trip across Alberta

Cheers, I'll drink to that. This one gives you the opportunity to explore our great province, and see what amazing craft beer we have to offer. Of course, don't drink and drive.

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Get a manicure from one of Calgary's best

Nothing says bad b*tch quite like some fierce claws. I've found some of the best nail artists here in YYC, that always keep my manicure on point.

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Have an impromptu photoshoot at some of our favourite spots

Millennials know just how important it is to keep your IG feed looking fresh, so make sure you take advantage of all the cool views Calgs has to offer this January.

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Do some exploring of Alberta's most haunted places

Halloween may be long gone, but the ghosts sure aren't. Alberta is known to have a few haunted spots, that are definitely worth checking out.

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Check out one of our beautiful Provincial Parks

Nature is absolutely beautiful, and it doesn't cost a thing to enjoy. With all the beautiful Provincial Parks within a short distance of Calgary, there's plenty for you to explore.

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Get artsy at the Esker Foundation

Free art can be hard to come by these days, so take advantage of it when you can. The Esker Foundation showcases plenty of unique and beautiful exhibits, definitely worth checking out.

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Explore Stephen Ave

With plenty of things to do and see, it's no wonder that Stephen Ave is one of the cities most popular spots. If you can refrain from spending money at the tasty restaurants and cute boutiques, you'll love Stephen Ave.

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Visit The Nickle Galleries

More free art, for your enjoyment. Located at the University of Calgary, these galleries have plenty to offer in the way of unique exhibits and artifacts.

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Marshmallow Roast in Bowness

Considering the weather is unseasonably warm, this one seems even less out of season. What better way to keep warm and bond this winter than by snuggling up around a fire and roasting some marshmallows?

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Enjoy nature in the Devonian Gardens

When winter lasts as long as it usually does in Calgary, you start to miss the green beauty of nature. Luckily the Devonian Gardens in The CORE Downtown can remind you of what you're missing.

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