40 Things You Gotta Do This January 2018 In Calgary

New year, new you!

With a new year, comes all sorts of opportunities to reinvent yourself. You can change your appearance, your attitude, your outlook on life, and a number of other things this year. It's definitely an exciting time, but in order to successfully change yourself, you also may need to switch up your routine.

Maybe you spent a lot of 2017 at home on the couch, binge watching all your favourite Netflix series, or spent too much time studying, and not enough time exploring your city. Whatever the case may be, we say that you make it a point in this coming year to get more familiar with YYC. This is a great city, with plenty to offer for people of all backgrounds.

The holiday festivities may be over, but that doesn't mean you need to stop celebrating completely. Winter is still in full swing, and there's plenty of exciting festivals, events, and places for you to check out. Not only will you become a lot more knowledgable about our city, you'll also have plenty of opportunities to take pictures to make all your Snapchat and Instagram followers super envious. You don't always need to travel far away to look cool online 😉.

Following through with your New Years resolutions can be overwhelming, so we've decided to make your life a little bit easier by compiling a bucket list for you to complete in 2018. With everything from restaurants to check out, to classy af things for you to treat yourself to, you're sure to have an insane year.

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