We've officially received our large drop of snow which tells us that winter is here to stay. If you're like me, you are probably wanting to go into hiding and sleep until the snow disappears. Safe to say, I'm slightly jealous of all our Alberta bears. But all in all, winter isn't really all that bad.

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The weather may be disgustingly cold, but we can't really complain due to the winter wonderland our city has become. The beautiful frost on all the trees and snow banks have made the weather a little more bearable. The best way to enjoy our city blanketed in white is to take a walk through some of our beautiful parks.

Here are 9 incredible parks in and around Calgary that you have to take a walk, hike or cross-country skii through this winter. I promise, it's worth the cold!

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Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Right in Kananaskis lies Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, the perfect trail for Cross Country Skiiers, and Rocky Mountain lovers. This park is filled with gorgeous trees and scenery that make the hike totally worth it.

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Fish Creek Provincial Park

Inside our beautiful city, we have the winter wonderland that is Fish Creek Provincial Park. The perfect place for walks, sledding, tobogganing and even mini hikes. The beauty of this park will definitely distract you from the freezing temperature.

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Fenland [Loop] Trail

Located in Mount Norquay (Banff) 132 kilometres west of Calgary, Fenland Trail a.k.a Fenland Loop Trail is the perfect place for a relaxing winter walk.

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Bragg Creek Provincial Park

45 minutes west of Calgary, Bragg Creek Provincial Park is the perfect place to enjoy a winter walk, snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing.

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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park has beautiful scenery and is a great place for a relaxing winter stroll. Located right by the north bank of the Bow River.

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Johnston Canyon

Located in the Rockies, Johnston Canyon is an amazing place to hike and view some of Alberta's most beautiful glaciers. Here you can see beautiful landscapes and views of the Bow River.

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Confederation Park

Confederation Park is definitely a perfect Calgary winter wonderland. Located in Northwest Calgary, this park is definitely a lovely place for a winter walk with your furry friends.

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Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Park is one of Calgary's most surreal parks to take a walk in during the winter. Providing beautiful views of the entire cityscape. They don't call it Nose Hill for nothing!

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Edworthy Park

Located in Southwest Calgary, Edworthy Park is a beautiful place to take a walk through the trees and take some killer winter photos.

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