Welcome to Red Deer! Central Alberta’s most popular city is occupied by 100,000+ people, all different kinds of wildlife, and a plethora of tree and shrubbery species. Believe it or not, there’s more to do in Red Deer than just get hammered. Alright, relax. Pick your jaw up from the floor and hear me out. Yeah, yeah. I get it. It's easy to think that there's nothing to do in this city except get hammered but there is. Just you wait and see. 

The country town is filled with fun and cute date ideas that you may not have even bothered going out and trying because you were too busy cracking pilsners in the back of your truck. I’m from BC, this is what Albertans do, right? 

I digress. It’s not all cattle and hay bails in Red Deer (although there are a lot of those too). From yoga in the park to the many hikes around the city, Red Deer has more to offer than just whiskey sours and sporting events. 

You probably think you’ve done it all and by that I mean you've probably exhausted your usual dinner and a movie date ideas. But I want you to explore beyond the most basic date choice. I want to give you an authentic Red Deer experience. This way you can still rock your flannel and cowboy boots when you hit any of the 9 unique spots below. 

So check it out, y'all! There's more to Red Deer than meets the eye! 

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9. Jump 360 // 6833 66 St

Jump around! Jump 360 is the place to find your inner child and just play with bae. The facility includes wall to wall trampolines, a foam pit, and full court rentals for extreme dodgeball! 

Cost: admission $16/hr // dodgeball is additional $50/hr for the full court 

via @bullskitcomedy

via @bullskitcomedy

8. Bull Skit Comedy // 4816 50 Ave

Get ready to laugh your ass off. Bull Skits blends improv and original sketches to give the people of Red Deer abs from laughing so hard. Comedy shows are a great way to relax and shake off those first date nerves. Laugh it up! 

Cost: $19 

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via @cmmreddeer

7. Color Me Mine // 2085 50 Ave

Picasso? Is that you? Get creative over at Color Me Mine by painting ceramics with your love.

You can choose what you want to paint and even paint each others' pieces! There is no easier way to smile at the end of your meal than seeing the artwork of bae at the bottom of your mac and cheese. 

Cost: Varies on pieces. No studio or fire fees! 

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6. LaZer Force // 5239 53 Ave 

Pew, pew! Laser tag is actually so fun. Get your competitive juices flowing and go head to head with your partner. Remember to wear white to take advantage of that blacklight action. 

Cost: $8.50 per player 

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5. Red Deer Shooting Centre // 486 McCoy Dr

Pow, pow! Kind of like pew, pew but a little more serious. The shooting range is an excellent way to release some rage and pretend you're James Bond (sans shaken not stirred) all in one go. 

Cost: Call for bookings.

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4. FLOAT // Red Deer River 

The ultimate summer activity. Get cruisey down the Red Deer River attached to your favourite person. Bring a book, get a tan, and stop over at the edge of the river to swim a little bit. You won't be disappointed! 

Don't feel like floating? Try canoeing. Any flotation device will do! 

Cost: Bring your own device! 

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3. Live Music at Bo's // 2310 50 Ave

Live shows are typically the setting for boozing it up but you don't have to give in to the spirits to enjoy some of the many musical talents that step foot into Bo's Bar & Grill. 

Artists are booked in advance and you can click here to check out what upcoming shows will be happening at the venue. 

Cost: Varies per show. 

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via @woodshedaxe

2. The Wood Shed Axe // 56 Cuendet Industrial Way

Who's got their flannel ready? Put on your best lumberjack impression and head over to The Wood Shed to throw some axes at some targets. It's like darts on acid and definitely the thing you want to try on your next date. 

Want to take it to the next level? You can enter yourselves in axe throwing competitive events with fully trained instructors. 

Cost: Call for bookings.

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1.  The Market at Red Deer // 4214 58 St

There's nothing better than walking through the farmer's market hand in hand with your date sifting through vintage finds, fresh cut flowers, and snacking on delicious treats like mini donuts and lemonade. 

Check out Red Deer's farmer's market on Saturdays between 8AM and 12:30PM starting this May long weekend and going until Thanksgiving! 

Cost: $0

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