Being young and broke is tough, especially if you're head-over-heels in love and all you want to do is treat your partner like the ROYALTY they are. The good news is, you can be romantic AF without spending a dime. Not inventive or good at planning frugal dates? You're not alone.

We've got you covered. Here's a list of 8 free date ideas around Calgary that will make your S.O. swoon. From festivals and outdoor adventures to cozy stargazing spots, you'll definitely be in your bae's good books after these. While a good ol' Netflix and chill is never a bad idea, you can only watch Friends so many times. Get out into the city and spice things up!

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1. Peruse one of the many free street festivals the city has to offer

From the Lilac Festival to the Calgary Poutine Festival, strolling up and down the streets hand in hand with bae is a great way to get outside, all the while checking out the super cool booths and awesome entertainment!

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2. Picnic on the sprawling greens of Prince's Island Park

Look at this view. Now imagine you and your date planted on a checkered blanket relaxing to your fav tunes from your Bluetooth speaker and munching on some tasty homemade sandwiches. Bam. Straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book.

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3. Road trip to Bragg Creek

Okay, technically gas costs money, but let's pretend you're already on a full tank. Grab your navigator and set off on a drive just outside the city. This cozy town has some super unique shops, a great ice cream shack, and views of the mountains. What else could you need? P.s. car snacks are a necessity here. 

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4. Take a bike tour along the Bow

For the couples who love to get sporty, make use of the great cycling trails around the city and bike around the city together! Begin your ride at the Peace Bridge and pedal along the Bow until you reach Edworthy Park. Couples who ride together thrive together, right? Don't forget water and some snacks!

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5. Get artsy at the Glenbow Museum

Did you know that they offer free admission from 5pm - 9pm on the first Thursday of every month? Impress your partner with your extensive knowledge of high-class art... or just get a cool instagram shot, that's cool too. 

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6. Stargazing at Fish Creek Provincial Park

Alright alright, this one is kind of cheesy, but honestly, stargazing is timeless and always a cute idea. Get on down to Fish Creek Provincial Park and set up a cozy spot for you and bae to stargaze. Hot chocolate and snacks are key.

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7. Disc Golf at Baker Park

Remember that episode of Zoey 101 where they throw frisbees into baskets? That could be YOU! As long as you have your own disc, this is a free and fun date idea! Pick a sunny day and get out to one of Calgary's free disc golf courses. Even if you have never played before, this is a super chill sport that is easy to get the hang of. Tip: perfect activity for a double date! 

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8. People watch on 17th Ave. or Stephen Ave.

People watching is definitely one of the most interesting activities in any city. As for Calgary, we've got some pretty cool people walking around these streets. It's also a great way to get some fresh fashion inspo!

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