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Calgary Brunch Spots You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life

My Benny is Bad n' Boujee.

When I sat down to write this article, I got excited - like REALLY excited. If there's one thing I love in this world, more than most other things, it's brunch. Whether it's 11 a.m. on a Sunday, or 2 p.m. on a Tuesday, you could hit me up and invite me out for mimosas and Chicken & Waffles, and I would never say no, no questions asked.

Luckily for me, Calgary just so happens to have a pretty amazing brunch scene. I come from a city where the only brunch option is iHop, so you best believe that when I first moved to YYC, I did some thorough research on where I should head to cure my Sunday morning hangovers or satisfy my hashbrown cravings.

No matter if you like sweet or savoury, boujee or basic, pancakes or waffles, this list will have at least ONE brunch spot that will impress you, guaranteed. Many of these places are located downtown, but let's be real, that's where you find most of the best food here in Calgary! 

If you're planning a night out with your friends, be sure to include morning-after brunch in your itinerary. Don't be basic and hit up Denny's for the millionth time - switch things up and try one of these amazing YYC brunch spots:

OEB Breakfast Co.

Where: 225 5 Ave SW #110

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OEB is a favourite brunch spot for Calgarians, so much so that they now have a total of three locations in the city for you to munch out at. You can find OEB located Downtown, in Mission, and in Bridgeland, so wherever you end up in the city, you're never too far from a delicious brunch. Menu favourites at this quaint little spot include their many renditions of Eggs Benny, Cheesecake stuffed French Toast, as well as the Duck Platter. OEB is known for being quite busy, so they recommend making reservations if you're planning a brunch date!

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Vendome Cafe

Where: 940 2 Ave NW

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If you're looking to feel as though you've been transported to Europe while you eat your brunch, Vendome Cafe is the spot to be. Not only do they have ultra boujee and beautiful decor, but they've also got an amazing menu with brunch options that will blow your mind - Veggie Eggs Benny, anyone? Other popular menu items include the Breakfast Panini and the Duck Confit Waffles. Apart from serving great brunch, Cafe Vendome is a great spot to stop and grab a quick coffee and pastry whenever you find yourself in Kensington.

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Monki Bistro

Where: 1301 10 Ave SW

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If you love fondue as much as I do, and you have yet to incorporate Monki Bistro into your life, let me be the first to tell you that you're definitely doing it wrong. Not only will you find some amazing chocolate fondue at Monki, but you can also get your hands on other seriously unique and amazing fondue flavours, like Matcha, Early Grey, and Yellow Tumeric.

If your sweet tooth isn't as strong as mine, you'll still find plenty of options on the menu, including Perogies, as well as Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon, among other options. Like most great Calgary brunch places it is quite busy, but if you make reservations, you'll be totally fine.

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Pfanntastic Pannenkoek House

Where: 2439 54 Ave SW

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You may already say that you love pancakes, but once you try the authentic Dutch pancakes at Pfanntastic Pannenkoek House you'll LOVE love pancakes. If you've got a sweet tooth, popular choices include Kaneel rol (Cinnamon Roll), Zwarte Woud (Black Forest), and Banaan en chocoladesaus (Banana and Chocolate Sauce). Conversely, if savory is more your thing, we recommend trying the Steak met smeerkaas (Philly Cheesesteak) or the Western. If you want to try something other than pancakes, you can also order soups, salads, and sandwiches, among other things.

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The Bro'Kin Yolk

Where: 12580 Symons Valley Rd NW #130

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Just when you thought your classic brunch favorites couldn't get any better, the Bro'Kin Yolk takes them and exceeds all expectations. Since it's not located downtown like most other amazing brunch spots in Calgary, the Bro'Kin Yolk doesn't come with the same long wait times. Regular patrons of this spot say the service is usually fast and friendly, and the food is always top notch. The most recommended menu items include the Breakfast Poutine, the Farmer's Breakfast, and the Belgian Waffles. 

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The Beltliner

Where: 243 12 Ave SW

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If one of your favourite things about brunch is enjoying it in an old-school style diner, there's no doubt in my mind that The Beltliner should be your new go-to spot. This is easily one of my personal favourite spots to visit because you're always served the best food with awesome service at a great price. They have a variety of Benny's available, including Mushroom and Lobster, as well as tasty dishes like Lobster Mac n' Cheese and Fried Chicken & Waffles.

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The Coup

Where: 924 17 Ave SW

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If you or the vegetarian in your life are looking for a healthier take on brunch, look no further than The Coup. This trendy little spot is located right on 17th Ave, making it the perfect spot to stop in for a delicious brunch before heading out on an afternoon of exploring.

Not only does The Coup have a versatile, vegetarian menu, they also ensure that everything that comes out of the kitchen is a masterpiece, so your Instagram followers will definitely be drooling when you post photos of your food to your feed.

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Where: 524 17 Ave SW #102

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If you want a side of brunch with your cocktail, Cleaver Calgary has got you covered. This cozy little restaurant is home to some of the most insane drinks you'll find in the city that are sure to cure your Sunday morning hangover. Apart from insane drinks, though, Cleaver is also a great spot to grab food - we recommend the S'mores and Nutella French Toast, the Buffalo Chicken Benny, or the Breakfast Burger.

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Blue Star Diner

Where: 809 1 Ave NE

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Blue Star Diner is one of those few places that makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the doors. Being that it's a cozy little mom and pop style diner, it definitely doesn't fit the many people lined up to enjoy their delicious brunch fare, so be prepared to wait for a table. Blue Star's menu consists of all your brunch favourites, including Breakfast Burritos, Huevos Rancheros, and Savoury Stuffed French Toast.

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River Cafe

Where: 25 Prince's Island

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If you're going out for brunch to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, or you just REALLY want to impress your date, River Cafe is the ultimate spot to take them. This place is the definition of classy and will blow your mind in literally all aspects. The cafe itself is absolutely stunning and of course, in order to get there, you need to walk through the beautiful Prince's Island Park. Their menu is comprised of some of the most unique flavours you'll find on any brunch menu, including Fresh Shucked Oysters, Turkish Style Eggs, and Honeycrisp Apple & Coppa Flatbread.

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Elbow Room

Where: 802 49 Ave SW

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If you're looking for an excuse to dress up on a Sunday morning, brunch with your girlfriends at the Elbow Room will give you an excuse to do just that. At the Elbow Room, the philosophy is that food should be delicious, but uncomplicated, and we are HERE for that. Indulge yourself in delicious items like Avocado Toast, Lobster Rolls, or Liege Waffles, just to name a few. Not only is the menu here seriously amazing, but it's also totally reasonably priced - perfect for those of you who are feeling broke n' boujee.

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Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge

Where: 19489 Seton Crescent SE #220

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For those of you who live deep in the south, and can't be bothered to drive all the way downtown for brunch, you need to get yourself to Starbelly ASAP. Located in the SE, this spot will not only satisfy all your cravings with their tasty menu, they've also got a super fun and cozy vibe that will make your experience a total 10/10. Patrons of Starbelly recommend ordering the Starbelly Breakfast, the Ghetto Benny, or the Chicken & Waffles.

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Buttermilk Fine Waffles

Where: 330 17 Ave SW

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Yet another must-visit on 17th Ave would have to be none other than Calgary favourite, Buttermilk Fine Waffles. This spot is quick, simple, affordable, and delicious. You can always expect to receive service with a smile when you come in, and their cozy ambiance makes brunch even more enjoyable. Play one of the many board games they have while you enjoy your waffle, or treat yourself to a tasty mimosa! They've got both sweet and savoury options on the menu, including flavours like Arugula and Ham, or Banana Nutella.

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