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There's An Adult Arcade In Calgary And Yes, You Can Drink

A boozy gaming paradise!

Do you remember how exciting it was when your mom or your dad gave you $5 to go to the arcade and entertain yourself? Playing skee-ball, shooting hoops, doing anything you can that will give you enough tickets to win a moderately sized plush toy?

Well, there's an arcade in Calgary that is like an adult version of that. It lets you dine and drink, all while gaming in their huge arcade with friends. They have all the classic games, plus some cool additions that will totally consume you (my favourite is the game where the light travels around the circle and you have to stop it right within your section). 

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When you're in the arcade, all you have to do is scan your bracelet to play a game, which has loaded credits on it. It's all very 2018. 

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It's not quite proven whether gaming skills get better or worse when you drink at the same time, but it's definitely a heck of a lot more fun! They have a full menu of delicious drinks and even more delicious food (the poutine is a personal favourite) that will fuel your gaming all night long, and that you can even bring into the arcade with you!

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Possibly the best part about this place is the prizes. Heck with those stupid plush toys of random animals, this place has clever, useful prizes worthy of a true adult (as much of an adult as one could be while in an arcade..). Now I'm not going to tell you what the prizes are, because that would ruin all of the fun. 

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This place is definitely the perfect spot to go with all of your friends for a night out that is more exciting than just going to Knox or National. It's also the perfect place to go on a cute arcade date with your bae! Regardless of who you go with, you're guaranteed to have a super awesome time (especially if you get poutine). 

Wondering where you can get in on this boozy arcade action? Head on down to The Rec Room, located 1180 - 901 64 Avenue NE. 

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