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You Can Get An Entire Meal Served On Top Of A Caesar At This Restaurant Near Calgary

Just more proof that caesars are the best drink ever made.

Caesars are the perfect summer drink. Sweet, salty, and spicy. They are perfect, and for anyone that doesn't like them or thinks they are "gross", you can get the heck outta here. 

Everyone knows that one of the best things about caesars is the assortment of garnishes that you can get served on top of them. Every restaurant or bar has their own unique signature, but how about throwing an entire double stacked burger on top of a caesar ("The Barnyard")? Or perhaps a pulled pork mac n' cheese sandwich? Maybe some chicken wings?

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These caesars are literally gigantic, and have so much food on top of them that you actually order them off of the food menu. Just looked how stacked that burger is! Definitely a two hand-er situation there. Plus - pulled pork mac n' cheese sandwich? UH, yes please?? Nothing compliments an epic caesar better than some messy pub food to go along with it. Be prepared to reach for the napkins though.

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Whatever "garnish" suits your fancy, you can get a caesar that eats like a meal at Cilantro and Chive. This restaurant is located in Lacombe, which is basically halfway between Calgary and Edmonton. In other words, it's the perfect pit stop on your road trip if you are getting hangry and aren't down for another greasy fast food meal. 

Need a dessert drink to top off your visit? Why not try their cotton candy or ice cream sandwich drinks (yes, you heard that right). 

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This place really knows how to serve up loaded drinks, and you definitely need to go check it out for yourself. Cilantro and Chive is located at 5021 50 St, Lacombe.

Click here for more information about their hours.

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