When presented a box of doughnuts, the hardest choice is often: Which one do you take? You can take your personal favourite, you can try something new, or maybe you want to take the one that's in the best shape - because the others are looking a little melted at this point. 

The situation only gets difficult when you're presented with doughnuts that transcend the usual Tim Hortons. Such is the case for this glamorous dessert place and some seriously eye-catching doughnuts. 

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See what we're saying? Well this coming Friday, you might just be placed with that same dilemma. Pretty Sweet, a boujee bakery in Calgary is celebrating their first birthday! To mark the occasion, they'll be giving away free doughnuts from 10 AM to 5 PM as well as a handful of other birthday treats!

And if you couldn't tell already, these aren't your average Tim Horton's treats. You've got your choice of decadent flavours like: vanilla bean, cotton candy, fruity pebble, s'mores, raspberry rose, and strawberry white chocolate - just to name a few!

So once again, we find ourselves returning to the age old question. With so many choices, which doughnut will you pick? 

You can visit Pretty Sweet at 536 42 Ave SE in Calgary, Alberta. For more information, you can check out their facebook page.

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