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12 Places To Spend Your Christmas Break In Alberta If You're Broke AF

We know the struggle all too well.

When Christmas break finally rolls around, most of us dream of jetting off to far, far away places, in hopes of leaving behind and temporarily forgetting about all the stress and responsibilities that come along with adulthood. The Bahamas, maybe? Cuba? Arizona? California? New York? The possibilities are endless. 

Alberta is known for having particularly nasty winters, so can you blame us for dreaming of white sand beaches and all-inclusive resorts while we're stuck in the snow? I know that I sure can't. Unfortunately, though, all those little luxuries come at a cost, and it's one that not many of us can afford. If you're balling on a budget, you won't find yourself sipping mimosas by the poolside anytime soon.

Being a student myself, I understand the financial struggle that many of us are facing. My personal experience also means that I know that a winter getaway is almost essential during this time of year. After a long semester of readings, assignments, midterms, finals, and stress, now is the perfect time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate before the vicious cycle starts all over again in January.

If you're ready for a vacation, but can't afford to leave the province, don't worry. Alberta has plenty of options for getaways, no matter if you're making a day trip, or leaving for a week. From low-key, small town spots, to luxurious mountain resorts, there's somewhere for everyone to enjoy this Christmas break:

Small Town Getaways

Big City Getaways

Luxurious Mountain Getaways

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