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13 Amazing Alberta Ski Resorts You Have To Visit This Winter

Let it snow.

Maybe this is just a me thing, but I have always associated the end of October with the beginning of winter, and all things Christmas. Once Halloween has passed, fall is dead to me until next year. Of course, fall doesn't technically end until December 21st, but Mother Nature doesn't care about that; especially not in Alberta.

Although the weather has remained decent up until now, it won't be long until we're buried under endless piles of snow. Alberta has always been infamously known for our brutal winters and its bipolarity. We've already had one snow storm this year, so who knows what else is in store over the remaining months? On the bright side, though, snow season also means ski season, and I know plenty of Albertans who love to ski.

Our weather isn't the only thing we're famous for, though. With those gorgeous Rocky Mountains running through our province, how can we not be full of amazing ski resorts? Even if you're not usually one for winter, or anything associated with it, maybe this is your year to get out there and try something new. Even if you don't enjoy it, at least you'll get some cute pictures for Instagram so your followers will think your outdoorsy.

If you're ready to hit the slopes, we've compiled a list of the Alberta resorts you need to check out this year, split up by their location. Bundle up, and get ready for a crazy winter at all of your favourite spots:

Northern Alberta

Central Alberta

Southern Alberta

For resorts in Northern Alberta, click "Next".

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