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9 Round Trip Flights From Calgary For Under $410

There's never a bad time for a vacation!

I know I personally associate summertime with vacation, and I'm sure a lot of you are the same! While odds are good you've still got work to worry about, most of us are done with school, and have a lot more free time to kick back and relax. And while Calgary is a great spot to spend summer, it's always nice to get away for awhile.

Because we love to travel just as much as you guys do, we've taken some time to scope out some seriously amazing round trip flight deals you can get from YYC, and none of them will set you back any more than $410! If you need to get away from it all, check them out and book your ticket ASAP:

1. Cancun // Mexico

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Dates: November 5th - November 12th

When winter hits, there's no doubt in our minds that you'll want to head somewhere tropical, so why not plan a trip to Cancun?! For just $373, you can spend a week soaking up the sun and getting that summer glow back while everyone else is suffering through those brutal Calgary snowstorms.

2. New York // U.S.A.

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Dates: November 1st - November 8th

New York is definitely one of those places every person should visit at least once, although you'll probably want to go back again because there's so much to do! Visit the Statue of Liberty, check out a Broadway play, grab some delicious eats, or do some shopping in Times Square; you'll never be bored while in NY!

3. Vancouver // Canada

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Dates: November 1st - November 8th

Calgary and Vancouver are so close that there's really no reason for you not to take a trip there! While Calgary is pretty cool, Vancouver is awesome in its own right and has plenty of restaurants, shopping, and tourism that are worth checking out! Plus it's right by the ocean, so you might even feel like you've travelled somewhere a bit more tropical than Canada.

4. San Jose Cabo // Mexico

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Dates: November 10th - November 17th

Yet another tropical destination just waiting to be explored is San Jose Cabo. For just $391 roundtrip, you can head there this November to beat the nasty Calgary cold and work on your tan while sipping on a drink by the ocean. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?!

5. Las Vegas // U.S.A.

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Dates: November 7th - November 14th

Planning a trip with your squad? Where better to go than Vegas?! No matter if it's someone's 21st birthday, or a Bachelor(ette) party, you'll have the time of your life. Even if you're underage there's still plenty to do and see, including shows, restaurants, shopping, and relaxing by the pool!

6. Belize City // Belize

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Dates: January 21st - January 28th, 2019

Kick off your new year with a great start, and take a trip to Belize City! There are an abundance of beaches where you can kick back and relax, and about a million things to see and do. 

7. Toronto // Canada

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Dates: October 9th - October 17th

There's always something going on in the 6ix, so why not take a trip?! In October you can get a flight from Calgary to Toronto for $397! Do some shopping, catch a concert, head to the CN tower, and take some cool photos around the city! You'll definitely have an exciting week.

8. Los Angeles // U.S.A.

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Dates: August 21st - August 28th

If you're looking to end your summer with a bang, plan a trip to the city of angels. L.A. is another spot everyone should visit at least once, and it's totally worth the hype! There's beaches, theme parks, shopping, and celebrities; it's basically every millennials dream come true.

9. Montreal // Canada

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Dates: August 28th - September 4th

Before you head back to school in the fall, take a quick trip out to Montreal! Every Canadian should visit this beautiful city at least once, because it teaches you to appreciate the beauty of Canada from a completely different perspective. Montreal is another great spot for concerts, shopping, and brushing up on your French.

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