Let's face it, we have all been on a bad first date. Some more than once and to be honest, it really sucks! But the good part is that you never have to see that person ever again. Nobody wants to listen to their date talk about how horrible their ex was or talk about how they're not good at this dating thing. Or even worse, your date not telling you where you will both be going on your date, only to take you through a muddy walk in the river valley at night in your best outfit. WTF?

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Before we go off topic, we can all agree that bad first dates are the worst! Nowadays, it seems that dinner has become almost too traditional. It's 2017 and Edmonton is constantly coming up with new ideas in terms of hot spots, and we're not complaining but c'mon, time to have fun when it comes to going on dates! And this is where we come in, have a look at 13 spots in Edmonton to go on a first date that will get you a second.

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Take a Tango Class at Casa Tango // 4308 Whitemud Road 

You don't have the be the best tango dancer in the world to want to take a class at Casa Tango. Take your date out on a night to remember. And even if you both mess up the choreography, the good laughs will follow. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes!

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Take A Cooking Class at Sorrentino's // 10665 109 St NW

Grab an apron and take your date to a cooking class at Sorrentino's. Don't be afraid to get a lil sauce on your apron, or on your date's apron for that matter! This will serve as the perfect time to bond as well find out if your date's cooking skills are on par with yours. Be sure to pick your class before your date for there's plenty to choose from: Sicilian, Greek, and pasta making!

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Escape Together at Escape City // 5916 104 St NW

Channel your inner Gwen Stefani and Akon and go on a sweet escape together.... to Escape City. Here you two can put your problem-solving skills to the test and escape different themed rooms before time runs out. From finding clues, and solving different puzzles, it's a good method to find out whether or not you and your date can solve conflicts together.

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Go Skating at Victoria Park // 12030 River Valley Road (mutiple locations)

If you date enjoys the outdoors, then they will definitely enjoy skating through Victoria Park. It's best to go at night for there will be lights on the rink to guide you in case one of you gets scared or loses balance. Plus you can help each other up if one of you were to fall, or both fall into each others arms... aw!

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Board Game Night at Table Top Cafe // 10235 124 St NW (mutiple locations)

If your date is competitive when it comes to games, challenge them to a night of board games at the Table Top Cafe in Edmonton. With plenty of games to choose from, you two might be there all night. Be sure to put your game face on for this one!

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Attend a Paint Nite

You don't have to be Michelangelo or Picasso to enjoy this one, seriously. The best part about Paintnite is that they are held in various restaurants and pubs throughout the city, and all you have to do is register online. If you wanna add a lil twist to you and your date's paint night, paint your picture without having to look at each others. Once you are done, do the big reveal, and laugh at each other's paintings.

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Go on a vinyl hunt // 10442-82 Avenue

If your date is a music lover, then they are going to love you for this one! Hit up Blackbyrd Myoozik located along Whyte Ave where you both will spend hours hunting for Vinyl records. From Solange all the way to Coldplay, who doesn't love a good music talk/debate?

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Have ramen at Prairie Noodle Shop  // 10350 124 St NW

There is no way that your date cannot be a food lover! Seriously, there is just no such thing! With so many local restaurants in Edmonton, it's getting harder and harder to choose for they are all sooooo darn good! Well, we got you on this! Hit up Prairie Noodle Shop on 124th street and indulge in the most delicious ramen bowls. The great thing about ramen is that it's warm, easy to eat, and it makes for great conversation on a date. Plus your date will be impressed with your foodie choices!

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Go bowling at Gateway // 3414 Gateway Blvd

Relive your childhood with a few bowling pins and a bowling ball over at Gateway Entertainment Centre located on Calgary Trail. Once again, we recommend this spot if your date is a competitive one. Bond over some beers and some bowling. You'll have so much fun that you'll be wanting a second date!

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Movie night at the VIP Theatre // 6151 Currents Dr NW

2017 is the year for big blockbuster movies, and why not enjoy them to the fullest at the VIP Theatre located in Windermere. You and your date can talk over some drinks before entering the theatre where you will both get the movie experience of a lifetime. Thanks to reclining leather chairs and a menu with plenty of scrumptous foods to choose from, and even more drinks! We recommend that you choose a thriller for your date will at least have someone to lean on during a bone-chilling scene.

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Game time at The Rec Room // 1725 99 St NW

This spot will have you and your date deciding long and hard which games to play. Located in the heart of South Edmonton Common, it's no wonder this hot-spot is lit on a Friday night! From bowling, to arcade games, to axe-throwing, to getting pizza and hanging out in the sports bar. You might want to choose a time early in the evening for you and your date might be here a while.

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Mini Golf at Professor Wem's Adventure Golf // West Edmonton Mall

It doesn't get any better than mini golf. Not to mention that it is in the biggest mall in Edmonton! Before you go out for dinner, why not hit a few golf balls around at Professor WEM Adventure Golf! Again, this an ideal date if you and your date like to get competitive. Nothing wrong with a lil fun competition!

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Go to the Wild West Shooting Range // West Edmonton Mall

If you're not feeling mini golf, not to worry, there's always a plan B! If you want to try something new, hit up the Wild West Shooting Range located inside West Edmonton Mall. With experienced coaches there to help you both the whole way, why not face your fears and shoot at a few targets. To make it more interesting, whoever can hit the most targets wins!

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