A steaming mug of tea is basically like a giant bear hug for your soul. It can be one of the most comforting things in the whole world... well, it is to me anyway. With the weather getting chillier, a piping hot mug of tea can really feel like the silver lining on an otherwise dreary day.

And although I never had pretend “tea parties” as a little girl, as an adult - well, in age, not maturity level, I try and make up for it (minus the pretend part, cause that would be sad at my age). What better way to relax and de-stress with your friends, than to catch up over a cup of tea? So with that being said, for your benefit, I’ve gathered a collection of awesome places in Edmonton to take your BFF (or anyone you're willing to spend time with) out for tea.

Note: I did not include places that specialize in bubble tea because I feel like that deserves a category of its own! 

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Remedy // 10279 Jasper Ave. (multiple locations)

This cafe is a popular go-to in the city. Their Chai tea is phenomenal and a definite must try. And if Chai isn't your thing, no worries, they also have a ton of other amazing tea options like their English Toffee Breakfast Fog ?(crying, because it’s so good that it makes me emotional…that’s normal right?). If you're not sold just yet, it's worth mentioning that Remedy has a butter chicken that's just as wondrous as their teas.

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The Tea Girl // 12411 Stony Plain Road NW

When you step inside this tea house, the quirky design and mismatched tea cups are sure to make you smile. It’s cozy and adorable, and will be the perfect spot to unwind with your friends, and complain about your courses this year/crappy job/whatever you feel like whining about. They have a great selection of tea, so feel free to explore their options, and take your time in deciding which one tickles your fancy.

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Cally’s Teas // 10151 82 Ave.

This is another tea shop that is adorably cozy and offers an amazing variety of loose leaf teas. Cally and her staff are very friendly, and always willing to help if you need a little assistance in making a choice (because sometimes we just don’t know what we want until someone else tells us). They also have an afternoon tea/ high tea option, which is a great way to try out some of the delicious food/ pastries they offer.

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The Tea Place // 13671 Saint Albert Trail (more than one location)

You and your pals will be certain to find a lovely cup of tea here. Their food is made-to-order, so feel free to grab a fresh panini to go along with your perfect blend of loose leaf awesomeness.

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The Harvest Room // 10065 100 St NW

The Fairmont Hotel's Harvest Room has a weekend afternoon tea option, the Royal Tea and Tour. And much like the name indicates, you are able to go on a guided tour of this stunning hotel, on top of the tasty treats and tea you'll be receiving. This sounds like a great mid-day activity to spend some quality time with your friends while pretending to be much classier than you actually are (and having Drake's voice in your head saying "Oh, you fancy huh?" the whole time).

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Steeps Tea Lounge // 11116 82 Ave NW

Conveniently located close to the University of Alberta, it's no wonder many students find refuge in this tea lounge as a comforting place to study. Or perhaps to completely get away from the stress of student life, sipping on some tea with friends instead (while repressing the memory of their calculus midterm). They have an amazing selection of teas and a designated "smelling area", to sniff out which blend you'd like to try (good luck making a choice though, cause they're all so good).

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Cha Island Cafe & Lounge // 10332 81 Ave NW

For a super fun retreat to the "islands" with your friends, this place is a guaranteed good time. They have a great vibe here that make it the perfect oasis for Edmontonians during the colder months. The great selection of teas are sure to impress, and they offer a ton of other food/drink options as well.

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Café Linnea // Holland Plaza, 10932 119 St NW

This stunning new restaurant in Edmonton offers a Sunday high tea option. Just be warned, you and your friend(s) are going to have to reserve your spot ahead of time, if you want to partake in this delightful (and scrumptious) experience.

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Acquired Taste Tea Company // 10122 124 St NW

Their collection of loose leaf is unparalleled. This is the perfect spot to pick up gifts for the person in your life that is obsessed with tea. And although you can't sit down to enjoy a mug on location, I personally felt that the excellent service and tea offerings were too good to leave out. So buy one of their loose leaf creations, and head home to have your own tea party (with real friends or stuffed animals... I won't judge). I also have faith in your ability to boil water and read the steeping instructions (you can do it!).

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