If you're looking to get a classy meal with excellent views but are tired of the concrete jungle that is downtown Edmonton, then I have the perfect suggestion for your next date night. 

This gorgeous restaurant is tucked away inside a garden and is without a doubt one of the prettiest patios in Edmonton. You will forget about that fact that you have a parking ticket to pay, that your job is 10 minutes down the road and your boss is begging you to come in on your day off, and that it's 1000 degrees outside.

In this secret garden restaurant, all you have to worry about is what kind of fresh food you're in the mood for, how nice the breeze feels, how cute the fishes in the pond are, and how gorgeous the plant life is. 

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When the weather is as warm and as sunny as it's been lately (and will be all of this week), you pretty much are obligated to get outside and enjoy it - especially since in a month there will probably be snow on the ground...

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You can even stroll through their greenhouse once you've finished your meal!

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The restaurant is aptly named Branches, and it's bound to be your next destination for a meal out. They're located at 23108 Highway 16. To check out their hours, head on over to their website

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