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You Can Get Pizza In A Cone At This Edmonton Spot

Just when you thought pizza couldn't get any better...

I think everyone can agree that pizza is one of the best food items on this planet. I mean, it's perfect for any occasion! Whether you're having a dinner party and are doing homemade pizza, whether you're having a pool party and need to feed 30 hyper children, or (and my personal favourite) when you're making you're way home from a night out and get the brilliant idea to order in some 'za. Pizza is always going to have a soft spot in our hearts. 

I know people say that you shouldn't mess with a good thing, or that "if it ain't broke why fix it", but there has been a recent development in the pizza world that will have you saying "ohhhhhh shiiiiiiiiz I need to try that". It's bound to be your new drunk craving. May I present.....drumroll please..... pizza in a cone. 

@eatkonzembedded via  

@eatkonzembedded via  

It's like pizza...but in a cone. It's a new take on an old favourite, and you definitely won't regret trying it. It's all the fun of eating an ice cream cone but combined with pizza! You can't get any better than that am I right?

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You can get these wonderful creations at Konz, located at Edmonton City Centre Mall - 10205 101 St NW. In other words, you can fuel you shopping with a lunch pit stop for at pizza cone! Or should I say pizza kone? You definitely need to check this place out, cones are the new slice!

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