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8 Fun Things To Do In Alberta If Your BF Is A Grandpa

There's no shame in dating a grandpa.

It seems to me that as I get older, couples are all about wearing more, and going out less. There's absolutely no shame in spending your time together snuggled up in bed in your coziest clothes, watching Netflix. Until it gets old, and trust me, it will.

Even if you consider your boyfriend to be a "grandpa" (someone who would rather be at home most of the time, NOT an actual 60 y/o), you can still encourage him to get out of the house and take you on a date. Whether you're down for a weekend road trip, or a quick hike through the mountains, we've got you covered:

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1. Relax in the hot springs.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

For just $7/person, you and your boo can relax and let off some steam in these incredible hot springs. The mountains won't be the only great view😉.

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2. Go on a super chill brewery road trip.

Various locations in Alberta

Grandpa's like beer, right? Alberta's brewery scene is insane, and definitely worth checking out. If you're looking for an excuse to road trip around the province, just mention the word "beer" to your boyfriend, and chances are he'll be so down.

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3. Take a hike.

Various locations in Alberta

Maybe it's just me, but I always associate old men with nature; they seem to love long hikes, and the great outdoors. Luckily, Alberta is full of amazing hikes all throughout the province. 

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4. Take advantage of the great outdoors and go camping, or "glamping".

Various locations in Alberta

Whether you enjoy camping or not, it's likely your boyfriend will be more than happy to spend a few nights in a cabin with you. Camping in Alberta doesn't have to be all about roughing it in the wilderness, there's actually a decent selection of glampsites for you to enjoy.

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5. Spend a day checking out super weird landmarks.

Various locations in Alberta

Another thing that Alberta is full of is super unique, interesting land marks. You can visit the world's largest perogy, and the world's largest dinosaur, all in one day.

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6. Spend the day at the beach.

Various locations in Alberta

No matter how stubborn your grandpa of a boyfriend is, it shouldn't be too hard to convince him to come to the beach. Pack your bags with plenty of snacks and sunscreen, and spend the day soaking up some rays.

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7. Take a stroll around the gardens.

University of Alberta Botanic Gardens

Every Thursday night, the U of A Botanic Gardens hosts a date night. Each week is a brand new, unique theme, and your boyfriend is sure to love all of them.

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8. Dig for dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

What old man hasn't wanted to be a palaeontologist? Take the trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park, where you can take a hike through the coulees, dig for dinosaur bones, or go camping.

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