If you have lived in either Edmonton or Calgary, you have most likely come across people pinning the two cities against one another, and making a claim as to which one is better. Newsflash: they’re both awesome.

Although I’m all about the fact that we can’t compare the two cities, since we’re both unique and wonderful in our own ways…that’s pretty damn boring to read.

So, for the sake of playing into this friendly sibling rivalry (since we're both apart of the big Alberta family), I’ll give you guys some reasons as to why I think YEG is better than YYC (and I say friendly, because it’s all in good fun people!). At the end of the day, Edmonton is beyond amazing, and deserves to be seen as such. And I got your back YEG. So, if anyone tells you that we’re not as good as our southern neighbours…you’re welcome to use one of the following lines on them. Because duh, we're just as great (if not better ?).

Note: You will be exposed to very poor attempts at humour. You have been warned.

Note II: This is for entertainment purposes only. We should all just hug it out and get along.

Note III: These are all petty little jabs, because we really do have nothing to fight about.

See Also: Calgary's article on the same topic, here.

1. Edmonton Has Uber.

Sorry Calgary, I can’t hear you over all this money I’m saving (except when Uber has surge pricing…). I also realize you can’t “hear” money being saved--oh well, I’m sticking with it.

2. Rogers Place > Saddledome.

No explanation needed. It’s just better.


3. Beyonce loves us more!

Beyonce only chose two Canadian cities for her formation tour. Edmonton was one of them. Calgary was not. So does this mean Beyonce likes us more? One could come to that conclusion…

Also Drake and Kanye and...should I continue?

4. Edmonton will be home to a new and improved, Royal Alberta Museum.

The history and artifacts of our province have been entrusted to us. No biggie.

5. We also have the AGA and Fort Edmonton Park.

Lots of great cultural/historic attractions.

6. YEG has the beautiful River Valley (i.e. the largest urban parkland in Canada).

Just look at our views! Endless Instagram opportunities.

7. Edmonton has way more festivals.

We like to celebrate things. Our food, our music, pretty much everything we can think of. We're a whole lot of fun


8. The Ice District development.

So you think our downtown isn’t as glamorous as yours? Just you wait (till 2020)!!!

*quickly double checks estimated construction end dates*

9. We have U of A, which ranks within the top 5 Universities in the country.

If U of A > U of C, then YEG > YYC.

10. People here are nicer.

Am I just saying this arbitrarily? Maybe. But I’m nice, and I’m here.

P.S. I hope you’re impressed by my amazing use of logic.

P.P.S. I hope you realize I’m being sarcastic.

11. We have West Edmonton Mall.

The largest mall in Canada.

*drops mic*

12. YEG has a bumping local arts scene.

I’m talking about our very large fringe festival *cough* largest one in Canada *cough*, and all our art galleries, local musicians, etc.

13. Calgary always ripped on us about hockey BUT…

I don’t wanna speak too soon, but the Oilers are looking pretty great so far this season. So, I’m willing to mentally participate in a Flames vs. Oilers rivalry.

14. We may be a smaller city, but quantity does not trump quality.

I’m a huge fan of the community-feel that Edmonton gives off. Positive vibes all around!

15. We made National Geographic’s “best summer trips for 2015”.

International recognition always feels nice. Did you make this list Cowtown? I didn't think so.

16. Our summer days are long AF!

We literally have such amazingly long daylight hours. So much more time for summer daytime activities! Oh, and yes, the opposite for winter is also true--but shhh…let’s not focus on that.

17. We're the capital city of Alberta.

A ton of important decisions and provincial laws take place over here. We're like super important (valley girl accent).

*twirls hair*

18. And lastly, the fact that this “which city is better” argument even happens, shows us how proud people truly are to be from Edmonton.

They might both be great cities, but we’re willing to defend ours to the death (because we love where we live). We take serious pride in that ☺

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