A lot of guys in YEG take pride in their appearance, and exhibit their own unique sense of style. Their fashion choices ranging anywhere from streetwear, to a more classic suited-up look. But whatever the vibe they're going for, it's all worthy of recognition! With that being said, I took it upon myself to search the interwebs, and find some of the men that showcase just how trendy Edmonton really is.

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Let it be known that it can be very tricky to come across men's fashion on Instagram (they don’t tend to use fashion-related hashtags as often, so they’re much harder to find), BUT I did my best.

I included anyone that I stumbled upon that had their own aesthetic/vibe. Those included in this list are Instagram accounts that highlight someone's sense of style (so the guys whose feeds were filled with shirtless post-gym photos...sorry, I couldn't include you here). And if you're looking for style inspiration, you should check these out, and give some (or all) of them a follow.

via @matthewlaird

Matthew Laird @matthewlaird

via @mjspadua

Matthew Jeremy @mjspadua

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

Nolan @nlabsyy

via @coreywilfert

Corey @coreywilfert

via @thisisjoir

Jersome  @thisisjoir


Ryan Lysachok @_rythesurfguy_

via @codyromans

Cody @codyromans

via @eddieginawi

Eddie @eddieginawi

via @boobaker89

Boo McNamara @boobaker89

via @crrel

Carrel Laco @crrel

via @wilf51

Ivan @wilf51


Rex Reyes @rexreyes_


Zavier @_zavierem

via @smooothchlate

Allan @smooothchlate

via @blairjunior

Blair @blairjunior

via @grahamhansen

Graham @grahamhansen

via @sahrsjunior

Sahr Saffa @sahrsjunior

via @fatherbobbytownsend

Bobby @fatherbobbytownsend

via @ryleyjrichardson

Ryley Richardson @ryleyjrichardson

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