Walking around the city, I tend to hear what other people say (and no, I’m not intentionally eavesdropping, sometimes you just can’t help but overhear things--actually, scratch that…I’m totally eavesdropping, who am I kidding?).

Over time, I began to notice that specific things were said fairly often (and by many people), in Edmonton. So for your reading pleasure (or displeasure), I’ve compiled a list of phrases that I feel you have probably heard at some point.

1) “Our winters may be cold, but it’s a dry-cold…so it’s not so bad.”

Hey, when it’s -40 degrees, you gotta say anything that makes you feel better.

2) “I have a feeling the Oiler’s are going to win the Cup this year!”

We’ve always been behind our guys. So loyal, right?

3) “I have a feeling the Oiler’s luck will run out soon.”

…or some of us are incredibly pessimistic. Have a little faith, people!

4) “There’s nothing to do in the city.”

I disagree. But if you don’t leave your house, then it certainly might seem like that.

5) “Are you going to K-days this year?”

A classic summertime activity for us.

6) “Yo, did you try the _____ at K-days?”

Insert any new greasy and deep-fried food in the blank above.

7) “Um excuse me Toronto Raptors, but actually, ‘We the North’!”

You’re considerably far more south than we are. Don’t worry, I’m still cheering for you though.

8) “Driving on the Henday Sucks!”

Or the Whitemud, or—pretty much everywhere.

9) “I can’t believe I have to pay for the new Rogers Place arena.”

A classic rendition of “this is not where I want my tax-money going!”

10) “I love the new Rogers Place arena!”

Yeah, let’s not kid ourselves. We love it now that it’s here.

11) “I’m going to trade in my large truck, and get an even bigger one.”

Okay, maybe they don’t say it exactly like this…but a lot of people love trucks here. This is just my way of pointing that out.

12) “Sorry, I’m going to be late. Had to wait 30 minutes for my bus.”

Common ETS woes.

13) “Do you remember what it was like when we didn’t have snow?”

We pretty much have snow more often than we’d like.

14) “Sorry I’m late, I had to shovel my driveway for the 7239487th time today.”

Again, lots of snow.

15) “I couldn’t fall asleep last night, it was just too bright in my room!”

Summer days = long daylight hours.

16) “I never see the sun anymore, it’s dark when I head to work, and dark when I get off work.”

Winter days = very little daylight hours.

17) “Let’s go to Calgary this weekend!”

Or Banff, or Jasper…basically a whole lot of road trips.

18) “We’re so much better than____.”

We like to compare ourselves to other cities.

19) “____ is so much better than Edmonton.”

The comparisons can go the other way too.

20) “I’m still in Edmonton.”

No matter what you say, you’re still here (so you secretly/not so secretly love it).

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