32 Edmonton Girls Who Are Absolutely Killing It On Instagram Right Now

Do it for the 'gram.

Any girl who takes Instagram as seriously as I do will tell you that there's a lot more to it than tagging your friends in funny memes and creeping on the Kardashians. Oh, and stalking cute boys, of course. For a lot of us, the best part of Instagram is actually stalking other girls who are just as ordinary as us!

The city of Edmonton has a massive population, and along with the massive population comes a lot of creative talent. Everything from makeup artists and content creators to fashion fiends and foodies can be found here, and the best part is, with social media apps like Instagram, we're able to follow and creep on all of them from the comfort of our own bed.

Sure, apps like Pinterest are great for outfit, food, and makeup inspiration, but why not support local talent, and borrow some inspo from them? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, after all. It's 2018, and I am of the opinion that it's officially time for Instagram to be recognized as an art form.

Many people don't take into consideration the amount of work these girls put in to keep their profiles looking this perfect; you constantly have to be creating content, styling yourself for photos, coming up with witty captions, and, of course, bugging the people in your life to take a million pictures of you on a daily basis.

This list is in no specific ranking order, we simply created it so give some talented Edmonton ladies the appreciation they seriously deserve. Take a look, borrow some inspiration and (hopefully) follow some of our cities' most creative content creators:

32. Tuyen Tran // @2yen.tran

@2yen.tranembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fitness and Foodie

Why she's killing it: Tuyen is the perfect motivation you need to get up off the couch and start doing some squats. She's total #BodGoals, and apart from posting fitspo selfies, she also posts plenty of delicious, healthy foods that will make your workout journey easier.

31. Jen Tomski // @thatsreallyjen

@thatsreallyjenembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Foodie

Why she's killing it: Ever wondered where you can get the best treats in all of YEG? Ask Jen, she can tell you! Her feed is filled with tons of delicious goodness from all over the city. She also posts the occasional super cute outfit, if you're needing inspiration there!

30. Alice Chiang // @aliceac2

@aliceac2embedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion and Beauty

Why she's killing it: A fellow Content Creator, it's no surprise Alice knows a thing about keeping her Instagram looking fresh. Her outfits are definitely one of my new sources of inspiration, and her everyday posts will definitely make you want to get outside and explore the beautiful city of Edmonton more often.

29. Mhairi Munro // @primandposie

@primandposieembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Life and Travel

Why she's killing it: Apart from having a super cool name, Mhairi also manages to prove the point that life is better when your laughing. Her posts range in everything from her enjoying her favourite podcasts, cozy at home, to her exploring the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.

28. Lisa Szabo // @lateandunderdressed

@lateandunderdressedembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

Why she's killing it: The first thing I fell in love with about Lisa's IG was that her username described my life. The second thing is easily her super casual, but still put together sense of style. This girl really knows how to make every occasion look comfortable with minimal effort; consider it the lazy girls guide to looking cool.

27. Carley Ternovoy // @chasing.dreams.photography

@chasing.dreams.photographyembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Photography and Travel

Why she's killing it: Carley's IG feed is mostly made up of her photographic masterpieces, and seeing as she's so talented, we're really not complaining. She is also a self proclaimed "wanderer", having visited over 41 countries, with more to come in 2018!

26. Michelle Ajia // @michelleajia

@michelleajiaembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Beauty and Travel

Why she's killing it: If one thing is as good as her complexion, it's her Instagram. Michelle is a jack of all trades, from great makeup and amazing outfits, to super cool photos of all her adventures, both in Edmonton and around the world!

25. Mikka Espino // @mmmikka

@mmmikkaembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Travel

Why she's killing it: If there's anyone who knows how to make the most ordinary spots in Edmonton look amazing, it's Mikka. Catch her on Whyte Ave, snapping pics of cool murals, or in random local shops, finding the hidden gems so you don't have to.

24. Morgan Cornelius // @morgcornelius

@morgcorneliusembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion and Life

Why she's killing it: Any mom out there will tell you how hard it can be to maintain your sense of style with little ones running around, but somehow, Morgan managed to be the exception. Her style is still on point, so you can bet that she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.

23. Alvina Phan // @alvinaphan

@alvinaphanembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Beauty

Why she's killing it: Alvina has a very natural, simplistic beauty about her, and as a MUA in Edmonton, she translates that beauty into her work. Her feed is a collection of her own face, the work she's done on others, outfit inspirations, and her day to day adventures!

22. Cassidy Cooper // @catchingupwithcass

@catchingupwithcassembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion and Life

Why she's killing it: Not only does Cassidy know a thing or two about putting together a killer wardrobe, she also knows how to make a day in her life look Instagram worthy. Her feed is full of a little bit of everything, but that's what makes it so fun to scroll through.

21. Amrutha Harsha // @spoonfullofspice

@spoonfullofspiceembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Foodie

Why she's killing it: If you're already hungry, trust us, scrolling through Amrutha's Instagram will just intensify those feelings. Her feed consists of her own yummy creations, as well as some of her favourites from all around Edmonton.

20. Nikita Gylander // @nikitagylander

@nikitagylanderembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Real Estate

Why she's killing it: Even if you're not looking to buy a house from Nikita, that doesn't mean you can't appreciate some gorgeous interior design. Her Instagram is like the perfect Pinterest board you put together with everything you hope to find in your dream house.

19. Ana Vicioso // @bananamoda

@bananamodaembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion and Life

Why she's killing it: Ana is another prime example that mom's can remain fashionable, even after giving birth. Her feed mostly consists of outfit inspo, but she also includes the occasional picture of her super adorable son, and everyday adventures!

18. Marielle Elizabeth // @marielle.elizabeth

@marielle.elizabethembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion and Life

Why she's killing it: Marielle has one of those naturally soothing Instagram feeds that makes you want to get your life together. Every single outfit she showcases is so fun and full of life, and she has a super contagious smile.

17. Chelsea Glasow // @allurebychelsea

@allurebychelseaembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Beauty and Fashion

Why she's killing it: As a makeup artist and lash technician here in Edmonton, it's no surprise that Chelsea keeps her own appearance looking A+ at all times. Her IG is like a fashion and beauty diary, showing off all of her favourite looks to inspire you.

16. Ashley Garnica // @ashgarnica

@ashgarnicaembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

Why she's killing it: Ash's Instagram vibes scream "street style inspiration". If you're looking to dress a little cooler, look to her for some amazing ideas. She does lots of adventuring, not just around the world, but within Edmonton as well, so her 'gram is full of cool places for you to check out.

15. Sandeep Josan // @lifeofsandyj

@lifeofsandyjembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Foodie and Life

Why she's killing it: Sandeep makes the mundane, everyday things in life look so beautiful. Her Instagram feed simply tells the story of her every day life, including restaurant outings, beauty appointments, and inner city adventures, but somehow manages to look like so much fun!

14. Paige Simpson // @paigesimpsonyeg

@paigesimpsonyegembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Life

Why she's killing it: The concept of Paige's Instagram is simple: a day in the life. Her feed depicts her everyday experiences in a fun and elegant way, with everything from cute selfies to artsy, unique pictures and perspectives of the city of Edmonton.

13. Ella Emmerson // @astoldbyella

@astoldbyellaembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Life, and Interior Design

Why she's killing it: Ella has a serious eye for design. If there's a cool wall mural or photo spot in YEG, she probably been there, and has definitely snapped a pic. She also showcases some super cute #ootd's on her IG feed!

12. Shelby Slifka // @skslifka

@skslifkaembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Beauty, Life, and Fashion

Why she's killing it: Calling Shelby a "selfie queen" would be no understatement; the girl is serious photogenic. As a makeup artist, she has an eye for beauty, and that translates directly into her Instagram. She also always has the best nails.

11. Aly Ploof // @_alydora

@_alydoraembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Life and Foodie

Why she's killing it: Aly has a talent for making the smallest things in life, like a warm fuzzy blanket, or the chandelier in an Edmonton cafe look amazing and beautiful. Her feed changes perfectly with the seasons, and will make you feel calm and cozy all year round.

10. Gretzie Parth // @gpmakeup

@gpmakeupembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Beauty and Fashion

Why she's killing it: MUA's are pretty popular in Edmonton, but it's no secret that Gretzie is unmatched. She's a goddess with her own luxury fake lashes, red lipstick, and a highlight palette. Her feed shows the amazing work she's done on others, as well as her day to day works.

9. Claudia Norris // @claudianorris_

@claudianorris_embedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Travel, Beauty, and Life

Why she's killing it: If you think you love Disney, you clearly haven't met Claudia. This girl has a serious obsession, but it's basically the cutest thing ever. Claudia is also a makeup whiz, always creating the best looks for herself to keep her IG feed looking adorable.

8. Aileen Tan // @aileenchristinee

@aileenchristineeembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion and Beauty

Why she's killing it: Another street style YEG goddess is Aileen. Her outfits look like my dream Pinterest board, and her complexion is so radiant. With almost 19k followers, it's no secret that she's killing the Edmonton Instagram game.

7. Amanda Bhullar-Gill // @panda_artistry

@panda_artistryembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Beauty

Why she's killing it: If you love makeup as much as most girls I know, you need to take a moment to appreciate Amanda's gorgeous winged liner. This girl has a smile that's infectious, and knows a thing or two about trying super unique eyeshadow looks.

6. Savannah Lane // @savannahlanesocial

@savannahlanesocialembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fitness, Fashion, and Foodie

Why she's killing it: Savannah is living the life we all wish we had the motivation to. This girl can lift heavy, cook beautiful and delicious food, and has a great sense of style. Her IG feed shows a little bit of it all, and it's seriously impressive.

5. Amber White // @ambermarie57

@ambermarie57embedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fitness, Travel and Fashion

Why she's killing it: From her IG feed, it seems like Amber is always on some sort of adventure. No matter if she's soaking up the hot springs in Banff, getting a workout in at the gym, or exploring Wall Street, she's always got the perfect outfit, makeup, and bod.

4. Sharon Litchfield // @sharon_litchfield

@sharon_litchfieldembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Photography and Travel

Why she's killing it: Sharon is one of those rare photographers who is able to capture gorgeous intimate moments without staging them. Her feed is full of her beautiful photography, as well as documents of her own fun adventures.

3. Kelly Parker // @kellyparkerx

@kellyparkerxembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Life and Fashion

Why she's killing it: Kelly's bio literally states that she "posts whatever", but this approach is definitely working for her. All the colours and photos on her feed compliment one another perfectly. Her outfits are minimalistic but still super fashionable, and she somehow always manages to find the coolest spots in the city.

2. Ray Alexandira // @rayalexandria_

@rayalexandria_embedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fitness and Foodie

Why she's killing it: All these super fit Edmonton girls are reminding me that I need to start hitting the gym. Ray is like a little slice of sunshine crammed into an Instagram profile. Her bright personality translates through her posts, which mostly consist of adventures, workouts, and amazing food.

1. Christin Bryant // @cbstyled

@cbstyledembedded via

Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

Why she's killing it: Looking for your new favourite, every day, cozy style icon? Christin is your girl! As a mom, she knows that its not entirely practical to wear heels and dresses every day, but that doesn't mean you can't still be stylish. All of her outfits are comfy and easy to replicate.

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