When I'm feeling uninspired, one thing that can always motivate me is stalking super badass, inspiration, boss ladies on Instagram. After being oppressed and walked on for so long, it's amazing to see women grow and prosper, and get to a point where we can motivate and compliment one another rather than slander and trash each other.

Personally, I've changed my mind about my career path about a million times. I've gone from wanting to be a dentist at seven years old, to wanting to be an actress at thirteen years old. I briefly contemplated not doing anything at all, and attempting to scrape by while travelling the world and make memories, which is ideal in theory. Finally, though, I decided on a degree in communications and can honestly say I'm pretty content with my choice.

One thing that's really inspired me when I'm feeling particularly down, though, is the strength I find in other women. Finding a sort of "mentor", even if it's just someone you look up to via Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. can help you find some serious direction and set your own goals. Lucky for you, Edmonton is a well-populated city with a ton of amazing, inspirational, badass woman who can give you the motivation you need to reach your goals. Have a look through our lists; it's time to get inspired:

Girls With Badass Restaurant/Nightlife Jobs

Girls With Badass Beauty Jobs

Girls With Badass 'Girl Boss' Jobs

Girls With Badass Art Jobs

Girls With Badass Business Jobs

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Alysia Lok // @allyloki

Owner of @caramunchies

One thing Alysia and I have in common is that we love to snack. Alysia quickly realized that caramel pairs nicely with pretty much everything, from gummy bears to potato chips; hence the name Caramunchies. All of Alysia's snacks are homemade, and can be found at various YEG events.

Kassie Burkholder // @kassie360

Owner of @yegbuffalocafe

via @yegbuffalocafe

Boss ladies are busy ladies, as Kassie proves. Not only is she the owner of Edmonton's Barking Buffalo Cafe, she also owns a web design company, called @loxycreative. The marriage between these two businesses results in great marketing, and a beautiful cafe.

Riley Rose // @rileyrose96

Exotic Dancer

via @rileyrose96

This career choice could be considered taboo, but I think most of us wish we had the confidence Riley has. Exotic dancing is a super intimate experience, and requires a lot of body strength and charisma; luckily, this girl has both.

Heather Buttar // @betterwithbuttar

Bartender at The Common

via @thecommonyeg

When she's not pouring up drinks behind the bar, Heather may be serving tables or dancing at The Common, where she's worked for over four years. In her free time, though, she loves travelling, yoga, and baking.

Jaclyn Panylyk // @jacgirlsclub


via @girlsclubdjs

Gangsta rap made me do it. The DJ scene is primarily made up of males, but this badass, along with her partner, will spin the best tunes at your event, and look even better doing it. Check them out @girlsclubdjs.

Suzy Kenny // @suzykenny


via @girlsclubdjs

As the other half of @girlsclubdjsSuzy is definitely a music expert. If you've got an event or a party coming up, these are the girls you'll want there, playing all your favourite songs and dancing the night away with you.

Molly Rickets // @mollyrickets

Burlesque Dancer

via @capitalcityburlesque

Admit it, this job is definitely pretty badass. As a dancer for @capitalcityburlesque, Molly definitely knows how to put on a show. Her stage presence will ensure that your eyes never veer far from her performance.

Marnie Ashcroft // @glowjuicery

Founder of Glow Juicery

via @glowjuicery

As the founder of Glow Juicery, Marnie definitely has a taste for the finer things in life. Glow is known as the best cold-pressed juice YEG has to offer, not only for its great health benefits, but also for it's delicious taste.

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Nica Stone // @nicasnerdythings

Cosplayer, Model, & Content Creator

via @nicasnerdythings

Not only is Nica great at everyday makeup, she's also talented enough to transform herself into some of pop culture's favourite characters. She's also incredibly photogenic, and has a natural grace in front of the camera.

Montana Mills // @tanamills and @tanamills_hairstyles

Hairstylist & Esthetician at Dolce Soleil

via @tanamills

Finding a hairstylist isn't hard, but finding a good hairstylist, however... Montana is YEG gem, specializing in everything from vibrant reds to gorgeous rose golds. If you're really looking to change up your look, you know where to go.

Megan Bancesco // @lavenderfoxmua and @meganbancesco

Makeup Artist

via @lavenderfoxmua

Megan is a very talented Edmonton MUA, specializing in everything from graduations, to unique photoshoots. Her work never fails to impress, whether simple or dramatic. She can rock anything from a soft, every day look, to a bold, bright lip.

Natasha Mason // @medi.aesthetician_natasha

Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician at Lipstick Empire LaserSpa

via @medi.aesthetician_natasha

Beauty is only skin deep, but having great skin definitely makes more confident. When she's not doing Medical and Laser treatments at Lipstick Empire, you can find Natasha teaching at the Eveline Charles Academy, as well as performing around YEG as an actress, dancer, and singer.

Gerianne // @xogeri and @beautybygerii

Freelance Makeup Artist

via @xogeri

Look at that highlight. Geri is a student at the EC Academy, learning the techniques of makeup, waxing, facials, manicures, and massage therapy. She's the perfect girl to hit up for all your beauty and spa needs.

Jodie Brown // @hairbyjodie780


via @hairbyjodie780

Blondes have more fun. You can often find Jodie working her magic at Blonde & Co, where she specializes in balayage, blondes, vivids, and colour corrections. She also is great with extensions, and the perfect person to hire for all your event needs.

Hala Marina // @marinamakeupyeg

Makeup Artist

via @marinamakeupyeg

You too can have flawless skin, if you just pay a visit to Hala. Not only is she an incredible makeup artist, she's also a skincare expert, and an excellent dad joke teller. If you've got an event coming up, or just want to feel glam, book an appointment.

Paige Griffith // @paig_ee

Hair & Makeup Artist

via @paig_ee

Not only is Paige a beauty herself, she's also amazing at making others look and feel beautiful. Her hair styling and makeup artistry will get you through any event you have to attend, and have you feeling amazing and confident.

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Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith // @chattygirlmedia

Social Media Management, Photography + Graphics, & Blogger

via @chattygirlmedia

Ashley is absolutely of girl boss. After successfully running a social media campaign for Kula Klips for eight years, she decided to venture out and start her own company, Chatty Girl Media. Her services include Social Media Management, Social Media Workshops, Business Consultations, as well as Photography and Graphic Design.

Keana Kachmar // @keanakachmar

Member of the Edmonton Oilers Ice Crew

via @keanakachmar

MacEwan student by day, Edmonton Oilers Ice Girl by night. Keana is a hockey fanatic, and also a total travel bug. She recently travelled abroad, and spent two months exploring Bali and Thailand solo.

Jaclyn Baillie // @mrs_baillie and @jaclynbaillierealestate

Real Estate Agent

via @mrs_baillie

Jaclyn is not only a Real Estate Agent, but also a spin instructor, marketing guru, home stylist, and entrepreneur. She has an educational background in Business Marketing, and takes a unique approach to her business, giving them a very individualized experience.

Lindsey Oele // @linsoele

Fashion Blogger

via @linsoele

Lindsey has always had a passion for creativity, and she was able to take that passion and turn it into something for everyone to enjoy; a blog. Lindsey's blog is aesthetically beautiful, and features posts about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Chelsey Jensen // @chelseyajensen

Digital Content Coordinator for CISN Country & Fresh Radio

via @chelseyajensen

Chelsey is not only a super quirky girl, but also a NAIT Radio & TV Alumni. Her Instagram feed is full of her never-ending an exciting adventures, as well as her experiences as an Edmonton Oilers Ice Girl.

Kyla Kazeil // @kylabamboo

Co-owner of The Common, 9910, the Bamboo Ballroom, and the Bamboo Stockroom

via @thecommonyeg

With all of her ventures, it's hard not to call Kyla a girl boss. As co-owner of The Common, 9910, the Bamboo Ballroom, and the Bamboo Stockroom, she sure knows how to keep busy. She's the definition of entrepreneur, if we've ever seen one.

Naomi McFee // @fox_and_tux

Owner of Fox & Tux

Naomi is a local YEG entrepreneur. As the owner of Fox & Tux, she clearly has a deep-rooted love for animals, and all things furry and cute. You, and your pets will love her.

Sylvia Soo // @sylviasoo

Designer & Owner of Sylvia Soo Leather

via @sylviasoo

The stunning Sylvia Soo is a total badass in more ways than one. She's the owner of Sylvia Soo Leather, an author, and a two-time cancer survivor. This lady is one force you don't want to reckon with.

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Carmell Pelly // @carmellpelly

Photographer, Author, & Coach

via @carmellpelly

As a professional photographer and designer, Carmell is obviously passionate about image and design. However, she is also passionate about spreading the power of self-love, and self-acceptance. Her work is just as beautiful as the messages she spreads.

Kim Larson // @kimleelarsons

Art Director at AVENUE Edmonton and Eighteen Bridges

This talented lady is living the artist dream. She is the Art Director for both the super popular AVENUE Edmonton, as well as Eighteen Bridges. She is both a magazine and art enthusiast, making her perfect for her job.

Jennie Lea Photography // @jennieleaphoto

Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

via @jennieleaphoto

Jennie is definitely the photographer you want to hire. She captures those realistic, spur of the moment photos that will capture your heart forever. She's also very stylish, and put together, making her a total girl boss.

Rebecca Lappa // @rebeccalappamusic

Singer & Songwriter

via @rebeccalappamusic

Edmontonian Rebecca Lappa has been killing the local music scene. She was awarded the CMFA's Young Performer of the Year in 2015, and has been growing and getting better ever since. She performs at local events, like the All is Bright Festival, and just released a new EP on the 14th.

Natasha Raffa // @natasharaffa_art


via @natasharaffa_art

When she's not working as an engineer, you can find Natasha working away with a paintbrush. She mostly paints recreations of photographs she's taken around Edmonton, all of which are beautiful, and for sale on her website.

Allison Nichols // @allisonjnichols

Singer & Composer

via @allisonjnichols

When she's not educating others on the beauty of music, Allison loves to compose her own amazing music at a multitude of venues across the city. She also has an adorable dog named DeeDee who she frequently posts on Instagram, making her feed even more creepable.

Amy Masand // @everlyinvitations

Owner & Creative Director of Everlyn Invitations

via @everlyinvitations

Ever wondered how those oh so beautiful wedding invitations are created? Here's your answer. Amy has a background in Corporate Communications and Graphic Design, so naturally, invitation design became not only a creative outlet, but also a livelihood.

C.J. Craft // @cjcrafttattoos

Tattoo Artist

via @cjcrafttattoos

If a new tattoo is what you're after, you know where to go. C.J. is covered in tattoos herself, so she not only looks the badass part, but also is a total badass. You can often find her working away at Bombshell Tattoos.

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Kady Hobbins // @kadydane

Co-founder of Kaden Ave Communications

via @kadydane

Born and raised in Edmonton, Kady attended MacEwan University and has discovered a passion for social media and marketing. She works mostly in content creation, analytics reporting, and public relations at the company she founded with a friend, @kadenavecomms.

Avery Johnson // @jurassicave

Co-founder of Kaden Ave Communications

via @jurassicave

Avery is the other half of @kadenavecommsShe's obtained two degrees from MacEwan, one in archaeology, and the other in honours psychology. Through her studies, Avery discovered a passion for digital marketing, specifically in the social media sector.

Michelle Bishop // @ellesclosetboutique

Owner of Elle's Closet

via @ellesclosetboutique

Michelle had a long time dream of owning her own clothing boutique, and in December of 2013, she made those dreams a reality. Elle's Closet is all about simple but chic fashion, perfect for ladies who are also living a busy lifestyle.

Maggie // @mbandcompany

Owner & Event Planner at MB&COMPANY

via @mbandcompany

Maggie is the detail orientated, incredibly talented owner of MB&Company. She strongly believes in creating a unique experience for every client and their guests, and strives to be the best in her field. She has over ten years experience in the event planning industry, and continues to learn more every day.

Sarah Dawne // @sarahdawneyoga

Yoga Instructor

via @sarahdawneyoga

Sarah is a University of Alberta graduate, with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education, more specifically, Sport & Health Psychology. She's used her education to work professionally in the Kinesiology field, and has also pursued an education in Yoga Instruction. She is RYT 200 certified, and is working towards her RYT 500 Designation.

Karly Renman // @karly.ar

Business Owner

via @karly.ar

Karly puts the "busi" in business. She studies psychology, but somehow still has time to compete in bikini competitions, make fitness vlogs, own her own business, travel (23 countries and counting), as well as pole dance.

Monika // @monikasocial

Owner of Monika Social

via @monikasocial

As a NAIT Alumni who studied both Marketing and HR, Monika was able to live out her lady boss dreams and start her own marketing business. She gives amazing consultations, and works to promote your business to the best of her ability via social media.

Chelsea Brown // @rivercitytilecompany

Owner & Office Manager of River City Tile Company

via @rivercitytilecompany

Chelsea is the brains behind River City, and her husband is the brawn. She's always had a love for the beauty of tiles, and left her first love of teaching to pursue this new adventure with her husband.

Audrey Charles // @atassist

Founder & CEO of @Assist

@audreydotfmembedded via

Audrey is the Founder & CEO of @Assist, an all-in-one solutions suite. When she's not working as a boss lady, Audrey spends plenty of time composing music and playing her violin.

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