When you've lived somewhere long enough, one of the things you often forget to think about is what your city has contributed to the world. Sure, every city has things that they're known for, but those things are often cliche, and don't even begin to showcase what everyone else should thank them for.

Take Alberta, for example. The rest of the world sees us as a bunch of cowboys who live for the Stampede, drive recklessly, and are constantly feuding about which of our NHL teams are better. These may be somewhat true, and pretty funny, but we Albertans definitely have a lot more to offer the world than just that!

Our province is full of creative geniuses from all industries; food to technology, and medicine to relaxation! This list gives a quick summary of some of Alberta's most delicious, important, and amazing contributions to the rest of the world!

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1. Caesar Cocktail

So many Albertans are obsessed with this drink, and I've always wondered why. As it turns out, we actually invented it! In 1969, Calgarian restaurant manager Walter Chell created the infamous concoction of vodka, tomato and clam juice, Worcestershire sauce, and other spices, and Albertans have been obsessed ever since!

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2. Ginger Beef

Believe it or not, one of your favourite Chinese food staples is actually an Albertan invention! George Wong of Calgary is credited with the creation of everyone's favourite, Ginger Beef, during his time working at the Silver Inn.

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3. Cold-Fx

Next time you feel a cold coming on, and you find yourself reaching for some medicine, remember to thank Alberta! Cold-Fx, a popular remedy for the common cold is the brain child of Alberta's own Dr. Jacqueline Shan and Dr. Peter Pang.

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4. The Pizza Perogy

I'd actually never heard of these until writing this, but I'm always down for anything involving pizza, so I'm sure they're delicious. The "Pizzarogy" originated in Edmonton, brought to life by Heritage Frozen Food's Walter Makowecki, and has been satisfying many Albertans for years.

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5. Gluten Free Food

Over the past few years, gluten-free diets have been growing in popularity, not only for weight loss reasons, but also for allergies and other health reasons! It used to be beyond difficult to find a good variety of delicious gluten-free options, but thanks to innovators like Alberta's Ted Wolff von Selzam, gluten-free food is readily available, and tastes great.

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6. The SMART Board

I remember being fairly young when these guys became popular, but everyone in class was always eager to draw on them or play games in class. If you didn't already know, the SMART Board was developed in 1991 by Calgarians David Martin and Nancy Knowlton. They sold over 100,000 units in the first 10 years, and continue to sell to this day!

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7. Arctic Spas

Every Canadian knows that our country goes through extreme temperature fluctuations, and that's exactly why regular hot tubs can't survive here! Hence, the creation of Arctic Spas, hot tubs designed to last in the harsh Canadian winters and give you a chance to relax. They were created by Dennis Kellmen, Darcy Amendt, and Brett Macklin, and are now the #1 selling brand in Canada.

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