Don't get us wrong, we got mad love for our city, but there comes a time where we get so comfortable with the lifestyle that nothing really shocks us anymore. From the glare of the Christmas Tree lights on the Telus Tower to the LRT bridge being lit up, we are so used to it!

Edmonton aka #YEG is home without a doubt and it like to play by its own rules for it doesn't take orders from any other city, not even Calgary (no offense). In sickness and in health or until death due us part, Edmonton will always be in our lives, both good or bad. But sometimes when you're in a long-term relationship, you need a break from it all and there's nothing wrong with that. In relation to that statement, below are 22 signs that you have been in Edmonton for too long.

1. You don't feel the need to cry when CTV Edmonton announces an extreme weather alert

You're not even shook, like at all. Okay, time to make some coffee.

2. You have actually forgotten what Spring is.

Just winter then summer. And yes, it has snowed in April. But again, your feelings remain neutral.

3. You've gotten used to the price of gas going up at your local Petro Canada.

This is oil city after all.

4.  You go to Pigeon Lake with the squad every summer.

You mark the date in your calendar exactly one  year in advance.

5. You get excited whenever there's a severe thunderstorm making it's way from Sherwood Park to Edmonton.

You run outside and take photos of black clouds forming followed by sharing them with meteorologist Josh Classen on Twitter.

6. You confuse birds and mosquitos while picnicking at the Legislature.

Both are equally as annoying, but then you remember that birds don't bite you and mosquitos definitely don't make a chirping sound.

7. You consider Calgary a vacation spot.

Even though it's only three hours away by car and 45 minutes away by plane. Smh. Back to school season isn't the same without a little shopping at Cross Iron Mills.

8. Your Instagram feed consists of photos of the River Valley or Edmonton at night.

And in the comment section, you put #yegphotography, #yeg, #iloveyeg, #loveyeg, #yegphoto.

9. You refer to the city as "Deadmonton" on your Facebook page.

Well, it was named the homicide capital of Canada.

10. You are so used to using #yeg on Twitter and Instagram.

Hey, it brings locals together and, you get more likes and retweets from people you get your daily dose of Edmonton news from.

11. You wear Lululemon head-to-toe during when exam week at the U of A is over.

Normally, everyone is drenched in Lululemon head-to-toe during exam week, but it's gotten so cozy that you decide to rock the gear everyday.

12. You've Tinder swiped through everyone on your campus.

And you feel even more awkward when you swipe left every time you come across their photo.

13. You know where all the photo radar traps are along 111 Ave.

It makes your 5 p.m. ride home so much easier.

14. You go to Banff every year for New Years Eve.

Cabin party anyone? Make sure to BYOB!

15. You've been to all the bars in Edmonton.

The Bower and Black Dog on Friday's and The Needle and The Common on Saturday's.

16. You begin to despise the 3:30 pm Southgate squad every time they hop on the LRT.

Adidas sneakers, ugg boots, Jansport back packs, Foot Locker shopping bags, and loud chatter is how you'll know.

17. You find yourself cursing everyday whenever there is construction on 111th street on your commute to work and/or school.

Like wtf would they close the road down in September when everyone is going back to school? Or at 3 pm for that matter?

18. You're used to the LRT being delayed going southbound.

Nothing is more fun that waiting at McKernan Belgravia station due to tunnel construction. It's especially fun on your way to the U of A to write your 9 am Sociology 100 final.

19. You've started using Petro Canada as a one stop shop.

Gas, check! Car washed, check! 2 bags of Doritos for $6, check!

20. You have an endless supply of flannel shirts from Aritzia and/or Simons.

One for every day of the week. LOL.

21. The barista at Starbucks is pretty much your BFF.

They know what time you come through the door, they know your order, and they still manage to spell your name wrong on your cup.

22. You say "only in Edmonton" when you read online that a man pulled up to a Tim Hortons drive thru in a Zamboni.

You smirk at this story while sipping on a medium double double and proceed to ask yourself why you never thought of doing that?

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