Having a fear of flying is completely rational when you think about how you’re really just soaring through the air in a giant metal tube at hundreds of kilometres an hour.

And if you were on a WestJet flight to Edmonton recently you may have even more reason to be afraid of getting on a plane. 

Because someone flying a drone almost took the plane right out of the sky. 

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On Tuesday this week, a WestJet flight was approaching the airport in Edmonton when out of nowhere at 4,000 feet off the ground a drone appeared just at the wing of the plane. 

The drone is said to have been about 1 meter large, and likely would have caused the plane to crash if it had come into contact with it according to Scott Pattison, a spokesperson for Edmonton Police Service, who are investigating the incident.

"One of those drones could… collide with the cockpit, kill the pilot, and obviously, the plane certainly could be put in jeopardy, along with the passengers," he said.

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He also pointed out that the drone could be sucked into the turbines of the jet which would almost certainly bring the plane down.

There are actually rules about how high and were you can fly drones and whoever was operating the drone basically broke all of them.

Drones are not allowed within 5.6 kilometres of airports. They also aren’t allowed to fly any higher than 90 metres above the ground. 

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Putting a plane in danger can get you a fine of up to $25,000 and even time in prison.

Edmonton police are asking anyone with any information to call them or crimes stoppers. 

Source: CBC

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