Calling all cat lovers! Edmonton is opening its very first cat cafe and we could not be more excited! And the best part is, the storefront for this cafe will be launching on March 30th... oh wait, that's today! Wow, just in the nick of time. We can already predict that 2017 is going to get even better.

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So here's what we know: the storefront opens today with six cats, and locally brewed coffee. The cafe will be located in the heart of Whyte Avenue and 101 Street. This concept started in Asia many years ago where residents can come into the cafe, order a cup of coffee, and hang out with a few feline friends. And the fact that it is now making its way to Edmonton, makes us purr with joy!

Owners Vivian Deng and Fei Xie wanted to bring the idea to Edmonton for Edmontonians love 2 things: cats and coffee. Hence all the coffee shops that are located all over the city. The cats will come from local breeders and rescues within the week that they open. The cats at the cafe will be young so in that way they can grow up in the cafe and form strong relationships with customers.

The cafe will consist of two parts, the cafe where the barista will work that is animal-free and the lounge where the cats and customers can hang out. The entry fee will cost $15. The hours will be from 10am-9pm. Can this be anymore purrrfect?!?

via @oldstrathcona


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