Since this week is the official start to the reading week, students everywhere are celebrating their freedom by either hitting up a local pub, catching a movie, or simply just binge watching shows on Netflix. How else are they going to get rid of all the exam and study stress you're racking up?  The fact of the matter is, this whole week is about "freedom" and we encourage Edmontonians to use it to their advantage.

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We want to help out those who are in need of something to do this reading week, not to mention that the weather has been spectacular. Seriously, if you are inside on a sunny day in Edmonton, we assume that you must live under a rock or just have a hateful relationship with the sun. But anyways, check out some fun things that you can do during reading week in Edmonton. We encourage you to try an activity for each day of the week!

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Catch a flick at the Garneau Theatre

Catch up on a few flicks at Garneau Theatre for there is always a classic film being showcased. The best time to go is in the evening, and before you go, hop on over next door to Transcend Coffee and grab a bite or a cup.

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Hunt for some vinyl at Blackbyrd Myoozik

For all you vinyl lovers out there, you probably have heard of Blackbyrd Myoozik. For those of you who just picked up a new record player, this record store will be your best friend. From Solange, The White Stripes, all the way to some classic Jay-Z. But we must warn you, you will not leave this store empty-handed for there are thousands of vinyl records to choose from. You will most likely be here for a few hours.

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Play board games at Hexagon Board Game Cafe

If you're the competitive one in your friend group, then show off your game at the Hexagon Board Game cafe located on 82nd ave. With over 600 games to choose from, you and your friends will definitely be coming back for a second visit. Oh and did we mention that this cafe serves food and alcoholic drinks? Well, we just did. Yay!

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Work off all that midterm stress at YEG Cycle

Nobody likes to carry that extra load of exam stress, so why not work it all off with the help of a few spin classes at YEG Cycle. Throw on your workout gear, bring a water bottle, a few friends and get get your cycle on with the help of a motivational instructor and some loud party music. You'll wanna turn up here as opposed to a club on a Friday night.

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Take a yoga class at Moksha Yoga Edmonton

Can we say namaste please? Namaste that stress away when you take that hot yin yoga class at Moksha Yoga Edmonton. By the time the class is finished, you'll be stress free from all that schoolwork and you'll no longer feel like the grumpy cat.

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Visit the Old Strathcona Antique Mall

Take a trip down memory lane at the Antique Mall located in Old Strathcona, and when you do, make sure you have the whole day open for you might be there for a while. You think we're lying when we say that there are two floors worth of all vintage antiques, clothes, and booths (300 to be exact). If you get hungry, not to worry for there is a retro themed cafe on the main floor. It will be the perfect spot to reminisce at.

Cocktails at Baijiu

There's a new cocktail bar in Edmonton that is drawing quite a crowd, and the best part is that it is located right across from Rogers Place. It's called Baijiu, a new cocktail bar and eatery that is no stranger when it comes to supplying the old school vibes so you don't gotta lie to kick it. Click here to have a look at their food and drink menu.

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Grab coffee at Iconoclast Coffee

You may have seen this local coffee shop pop up on your Instagram timeline for the aesthetic is to die for. Minimalism seems to be the concept for this coffee shop and we are living for it! Whether you are friend or by yourself, we guarantee that you will find peace and serenity in this cute hidden gem. Click here to have a look at their hours.

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 Visit the Art Gallery of Alberta

Lacking creative inspiration? Don't worry, for the Art Gallery of Alberta has your back! With two floors of beautiful art and a cafe upstairs, this spot makes for the perfect spot to fuel more inspiration. It also makes for the best insta photos, so make sure your phone is fully charged!

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Have a doughnut party

Seriously, we are not kidding when we say to have a doughnut party... at Doughnut Party in Edmonton. This cute doughnut shop launched this month and everyone is going crazy for their pink and white boxes of heaven. We must warn you though, these doughnuts sell mighty fast and they are guaranteed to bring you eternal happiness. Be sure to visit owners Simon and Matthew and snap a quick insta pic!

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Hit up the Rec Room

Who doesn't like game night? Especially when you can find it under the roof of a two-level, 60,000 square foot room. Just the thought of this makes us get overwhelmed, with excitement that is. Located in South Edmonton Common, this fun space offers activities such as bowling, axe-throwing, arcade games, live entertainment, poutine and donut shop and sports bar. We are getting overwhelmed just listing those. For those of you who live far away from the south, not to worry for it has been announced that there will be a 2nd Rec Room location at West Edmonton Mall. Can we get a yas!?!

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Catch a comedy show at the Comic Strip

Want a workout for those abs? Instead of hitting up the local gym, grab a group of friends and head over to the Comic Strip located inside West Edmonton Mall. This spot is a host to the top comedic acts and is guaranteed to have you laughing throughout the whole show.

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