Summer is here, and that means it's time for you and your boo to ditch your regular winter routine of Netflix n' Chill, and get outside to make the most of the cute date opportunites around you over the next few months. 

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Some people might argue that summer is the best time to be single. Beach parties, warm weather, potential summer flings, etc. We, however, would argue that summer is the best time to conquer this cute date bucket list with your lover.

1. Kayak Tour at Elk Island

Spend a sunny day paddling around Elk Island, then afterwards enjoy a sunset picnic, or admire the stars later at night.

2. Drinks at CRAFT Beer Market's Rooftop Patio

Drinks are always a good date option, patios just make them taste 10x better.

3. Thursday Date Nights at the U of A Botanic Gardens

There's something different every Thursday. Oil & Vinegar tastings on June 15th, and Waltz lessons on June 22nd. All other scheduled events can be found on the garden's website!

4. Try Edmonton's Best Brunch Tour

For $60, eat your way through some of Edmonton's best brunches. We also recommend the Gourmet Dessert Tour, or the Foodie Bike Tour. You'll know about all of Edmonton's hidden gems by the time you're done.

5. Check out GTFO Escape Room

Get your adrenaline pumping while escaping from GTFO. Choose from 4 different escape experiences and see which of you can solve the puzzle first.

6. Sweat it out in the 5K Foam Fest 

Challenge yourself through 22 obstacles and 2.5 million cubic feat of foam. Last one done has to pay for dinner? 

7. Grab brunch in a greenhouse at Branches Fresh Food

As if brunch alone isn't cute enough, win over your s/o by filling their tummy and their heart in this adorable green house.

8. Get creative at Edmonton Paint Nite

Paint a different picture almost every night in a different bar around YEG. This also gives you an excuse to sample new appys and drinks.

9. Go on a Photo Walk

Occasionally photographers around the city will host photo walks, but if you can't find any info online, go on your own impromptu photo walk. There's plenty of cool street art around Edmonton that makes for super cool snaps.

10. Fly high at Launchpad Trampoline Park

Play some of your favorite childhood games while you jump around or dive into the foam pit. There's an endless amount of fun to be had here, no matter your age.

11. Take a cooking class at Duchess Provisions

Treat yourself to something sweet. Learn to make your own macarons and cakes like a real chef.

12. Take a helitour over Edmonton

If you're after a grand gesture sort of date, try this. Fly over Edmonton and enjoy the scenic views at any time of day. 

13. Take a segway tour around River Valley

Save your feet the blisters, and ride a segway around River Valley instead. Don't like, we've all wanted to try one of these once in our lives.

14. Watch the sunset from all over the city

Edmonton is known for having beautiful sunsets, and the places you can watch them from are endless. Riverside Drive and Grant Notley Park are some of our favorites. 

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