It can often be hard to find things to do with your best friend around the city. You spend almost all your time together and often feel like you've exhausted every activity. You've been to every restaurant, coffee shop and have walked the entire surface area of WEM window shopping too many times to count.

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You've realized it's time for a change in scenery, and we're here to help you achieve that! We've compiled a list of a few places to go on the most amazing BFF day trip ever in and around Edmonton! Change up the game and add some insane adventure to your friendship! Here are 9 day trips that you need to take with your BFF:

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Visit Elk Island National Park

Take a mini road trip to Elk Island National Park, just 50 km east of Edmonton! This national park is the perfect place to enjoy some nature with your BFF and also see an abundance of Elk, which surprisingly, aren't quite as scary as they look.

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Go on a drive to Red Deer and visit Peter's Drive-In!

Hop in the car and head to Red Deer for the best milkshakes of your life! Peter's Drive-In just recently made its second home in Red Deer County, just 160 km from Edmonton. We can finally try those delicious milkshakes those Calgarians have been bragging about and who better to take along that your partner in crime!

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Make some furry friends at Discovery Wildlife Park.

If you and your BFF are total animal lovers, visiting Discovery Wildlife Park is a MUST. This adorable wildlife park is located in Innisfail, approximately 180km south of Edmonton. Interact with animals from bears to lion cubs and add some new members to squad!

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Explore the River Valley Parks

For those of you that totally hate long drives and road trips, or can't be stuck in a car together for more than 20 minutes before you start arguing over the aux cord... this one is perfect for you. River Valley Parks is actually within Edmonton, so you can hold off on the pit stops. Here you can explore the gorgeous North Saskatchewan River with your BFF!

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Take a hike through Wood Bison Trail

This nature-filled trail/hike is the best place to spend the day with your best friend. Have a picnic and enjoy the peaceful trail and the beautiful lake. But watch out for some friends that might wanna join in on your picnic. These Elk, Bison and Birds seem to self-invite themselves to the party!

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Take a trip to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Explore the incredible Ukrainian culture at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village with your BFF. Located in Tofield approximately 50 km east of Edmonton, lies an entire village which takes you right into the beauty and culture of Ukraine. Basically take a trip to Ukraine without actually going to Ukraine. (Or paying the air fare.)

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Get lost in the Edmonton Corn Maze

We don't care what anyone says, you're never to old for a corn maze adventure. Grab your BFF and get lost in this twisty, turn-y, 7-foot tall field of corn. The Edmonton Corn Maze is located in Spruce Grove, just ~35km outside of Edmonton.

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Have some fun in the sun at Sylvan Lake!

Sylvan Lake Beach/Sylvan Lake Provincial Park is the perfect beach getaway not too far from Edmonton. Grab your bathing suits and sunscreen and head out to one of the closest things we get to a beach (that isn't World Waterpark) in Alberta. Sylvan Lake is approximately 165km south of Edmonton and a great day trip for all you beach lovers out there!

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Explore the Canadian Rockies in Jasper!

This trip is a little bit of a longer one, but still qualifies as a day trip nonetheless. Jasper is located approximately 300km west of Edmonton, which seems like a long way to drive but is worth every kilometre. Especially with your best friend! Enjoy mountains, lakes, hike trails, wildlife, an insane national park and unforgettable memories with your BFF!

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