Sometimes when the weather hits below zero, it can be pretty hard to remember the magic and fun of winter weather. It's a lot easier to default to two layers of blankets and Netflix than attempt to brave a bit of cold. But remember, that's what Canada's famous for right? And as true Canadians, leave it to us to know how to have fun even when the weather is a bit more frightful. 

Take Edmonton for example, where the temperatures are well below the zero (-13 right now, actually). But the city of Edmonton has something worth bundling up for. Edmonton's annual Ice On Whyte Festival is returning from February 1st to 4th. It's a mulit-day event that celebrates the cold weather, ice, and was voted one of the world's top 10 best Ice Festivals in 2017 by World Atlas. 

The highlight of the festival is a spectacular ice carving competition. Ten different teams from all around the world will create a masterpiece out of ice and have it judged by a famous panel. The result? Beautiful, breathtaking sculptures for visitors to feast their eyes on! 

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Sorry, did we not mention? We weren't talking about tiny fistfuls of ice and cute little figurines. We meant full-sized, bigger-than-you, bigger-than-life ice sculptures. Some of which frankly, are just a little too life-sized and realistic. 

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Is that a life-sized spider-lady? Yep. Did I just start shaking? Yep. 

Among other highlights of the festival, you can visit an eye-catching, Insta-worthy ice bar! It's the perfect place to pass by to try some ice cold shots of spirits or pints of craft beer. Or, you know, just grab a hot chocolate. 

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No matter what you get, and which sculptures you see, be sure to grab a picture! Tickets to the festival are $7 for adults, $4 for children and can be purchased here! They include access to all the attractions at the festival and lessons to carve your own ice sculpture. Just please, no spiders. 

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