You've made it to Friday! We all know it was a long and VERY hot week, so I don't know about you but I think some drinks are in order. Possibly more than just "some" ...

Who's up for an epic bar crawl? If you feel like you need to get out and let loose, then this is the perfect Friday night activity for you. Text the group chat, get a solid group of pals together, and get ready for a night to remember. We've done the hard part of figuring out the route, so get out and ENJOY!

Here's the map:

The Black Dog Freehouse

Where: 10425 82 Ave

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Let's kick things off with some casual patio beers and live music at The Black Dog Freehouse. This pub is an Edmonton essential and the perfect place to get things rolling before you head to the core of the crawl.  

Craft Beer Market

Where: 10013 101A Ave NW

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More beers? Okay, but only if you insist. Craft Beer Market has one of the best selections of beer in the city, making it the perfect place to sling a few brews and enjoy their rooftop patio. 

Sherlock Holmes Pub

Where: 10012 101A Ave NW

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London calling! This adorable little pub will definitely transport you to England. Surrounded by towering office buildings, this spot is so unique and bound to become your new favourite place to drink.

Knoxville's Tavern

Where: 10736 Jasper Ave

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I hope you're ready because we're going 0-100 real quick. The next stop is Knoxville's — a place to do less talking and more dancing. The vibe in here is always LIT, and you're bound to work some of that alcohol off. 

The Bower

Where: 10538 Jasper Ave

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This slightly classier Knoxville's is another place to get your groove on (but with a little more lighting and a little less girls puking in the bathroom). The Bower is definitely one of the highlights of the crawl. 

Mercer Tavern

Where: 10363 104 St NW

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Alright, alright, we'll give you a breather to catch your breath and catch up with one another somewhere you can hear yourself talk. The Mercer is an excellent pub no matter the time of day (but especially at night, of course). 

Privé Ultralounge

Where: 10304 111 St

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Time to get back in there champ, time for one last loop around the dance floor and one last shot of tequila with friends. Live it up and enjoy being young in one of the greatest cities in Canada!

Urban Tavern

Where: 11606 Jasper Ave

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Time for a nightcap...or maybe a glass of water on second thought. Rehash all the best parts of the night at Urban Tavern, and then head home knowing you had an epic bar crawl!

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