You Can Get Free Ice Cream From This Adorable Pink Ice Cream Cart Tomorrow At Edmonton's Kingway Mall

This is not a drill!

Look out Edmonton, because a new chocolatier serving sumptuously good chocolate and deliciously dipped ice cream is coming to down this weekend to Kingsway Mall. All you have to do is find the adorable pink ice cream cart. And it looks like this!

via @cacao70

I know! Adorable right?!

This Saturday, November 25 from 10AM to 9PM, Montreal's famous Cacao 70 will be hosting a pop-up ice cream cart at Kingsway Garden Mall that will feature all different types of dipped soft serve ice cream. From chocolate dipping flavours like Matcha, Praline, Sesame, to Chai, you can pimp out you ice cream any way you like.

via @curiocityvancouver

The Cacao 70 pop-up ice cream cart will be offering a free full-size dipped ice cream cone with any purchase. So what are you waiting for? Come and get it!

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