If your bank account looks anything like mine, it's likely that you won't be able to afford a tropical vacation abroad this summer. It's beyond frustrating to see all your favourite IG influencers and even your friends go on crazy exciting vacations when you can barely afford Starbucks, but you've got to make the most of it.

If you're stuck in Alberta, it's really not all bad. We may not be known for our beaches and lakes, but that doesn't mean we don't have any! Next time you're craving a beach adventure this summer, check out one of these gorgeous Alberta lake towns:

Sylvan Lake

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This is perhaps the most obvious one - a lot of Albertans make their way out to Sylvan Lake to go boating, camping, or spend the day out on the water. The town itself is quite small, but there's plenty of quaint shops where you can grab a bite to eat and chat with friendly locals.

Lac Ste. Anne

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The town of Lac Ste. Anne is just north of Edmonton, and is home to Alberta Beach. You'll be able to catch a ton of great sunsets here, as well as kick back and relax with a picnic after enjoying a day out on the water. There's plenty of sanding areas for tanning, and a large body of water where you can go swimming, boating, and everything in between.

Cold Lake

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According to some, Cold Lake is home to the best lakes in Alberta. The population sits just under 15,000 and there's not a whole lot going on in the town, but you can always count on a day out on your paddleboard or kayak with friends to make some super fun memories.

Lake Louise

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The small Hamlet of Lake Louise may not be home to many, but it does welcome thousands of tourists every year, and we can see why. There's a ton of amazing, crystal clear lakes in Lake Lousie and the surrounding area that make for some amazing IG pics.

Gull Lake

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Gull Lake is home to Aspen Beach Provincial Park, the perfect spot to spend your long weekend in Alberta. Whether you just head out for the day, or bring a tent out to spend the weekend camping, you'll definitely have plenty of fun in the sun.

Calling Lake

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If you want to get away from most of civilization altogether, head way up north to Calling Lake. It's just 55km north of Athabasca and will make you forget that you're even in Alberta at all. 

Slave Lake

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The town of Slave Lake is home to the super lowkey Devonshire Beach, which is one of Alberta's very few naturally occurring beaches. Take a stroll on the sand, lay out a towel and read a book, or go for a splash - it's all fun.


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Spedden is located in Northern Alberta, but it's not quite as far away as some of the other Alberta lake towns, making it the perfect spot for a day trip from Edmonton. Here you'll find Garner Lake Provincial Beach, a relaxing spot where you can play a quick game of beach volleyball or hit the water with your giant floatie.


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If you live in southern Alberta and you're looking for a relaxing lake to spend your summer days at, Ghost Lake in Cochrane is likely your best bet. It's just a 45 minute drive away from the city, and has plenty of great scenery to take in while you swim.


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The town of Athabasca, just a short drive north of Edmonton, is where you'll find Jackfish Lake. Here, plenty of friends and families bring out their boats, kayaks, and floaties for a day of summer fun and relaxation.


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Perhaps one of the most scenic lakes in Alberta is Lake Newell in Rainier. A day on this lake may make you feel as if you've crossed the border over into beautiful B.C. with the lush greenery and blue water.

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