Through the magic of technology, the world is now quite LITERALLY at our fingertips. Let's just say that if we lived at Hogwarts, our phones would be our wands. Seriously, what good reason is there left to take off your slippers, put on actual pants, and leave your house anymore, especially in the dead of winter? What could the outside world possibly have to offer that the power of our screens and WiFi can't (other than real human interaction)?

There might have once been a time when we left the house for food or every day essentials... but we don't even need to do that anymore. And it's all thanks to foodora.

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With over 7,000 partner restaurants in more than 100 cities across 8 countries globally, you'd think foodora couldn't possibly get any better than it already is. Except that's simply not true - foodora has seriously stepped up their game in providing us with the ultimate chain addition: 7-Eleven Canada!

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Good thing, too, because as we’re all aware, Alberta gets DAMN cold in the winter! Luckily, we won't have to be running (or slipping) to the corner store when we run out of milk, bread, OJ, or any other convenience-store essentials for that matter.

Seriously, foodora x 7-Eleven is probably the most genius collab ever. The highly popular food delivery app and the globally famous convenience store offer basically everything you could ever want/need. They've got everyday essentials like condoms, cold and headache medicine, bread, milk and more; Slurpee®, snacks like candy, chocolate and chips; and even hot food ready to be delivered, like crispy chicken, pizza and kebobs. 

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They've even got your back for whatever sticky situation you might have gotten yourself into, thanks to their highly genius, pre-arranged "kits". They've got kits ready to be delivered for breakups (which include pizza, a pint of ice cream and chocolate bars); hangovers (featuring sports drinks, a Slurpee®, chips and pain killers) and so, so much more.

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So whether you're pulling a final exam all-nighter, desperate for a cold shot of your favourite energy drink; whether the midnight munchies hit and all you want is some gummies; whether you're about to head out and need to pregame with a pizza and a can of soda, you no longer need to leave your house. All of this stuff will come to you, and it's all thanks to foodora.

I could legit keep going and write a whole book about all the amazeballs reasons why ordering 7-Eleven treats and daily necessities from foodora is life-changing and will have us hibernating with yummy food all winter long. I'm being real, guys. See you in the spring. Maybe.

Oh, and one more bit of good news? You guys can actually get free delivery with the voucher code NARCITYFD for first time orders, valid from now all the way until December 31, 2018. Happy lazing! 

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Download the foodora app and begin reaping the benefits of having 7-Eleven at your beck and call! And keep up with all the latest foodora news through Instagram, Facebook, TwitterYouTube and its blog!

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