This is the perfect time of year to discover some new cute cafes! Cuddle up at one of these adorable coffee shops for hot cocoa, tea or dessert. These cafes may be hidden all the way over in Coquitlam, but they are definitely worth the drive! And if you're a student from Coquitlam or the Tri-Cities then you need to check out these supreme study spots. Don't worry they come equipped with latte art, freshly baked pastries and delectable desserts.

These cafes are not only aesthetically pleasing but super tasty - and at Narcity, we care about anything and everything that's super tasty. These cafes are perfect if you're stopping by on your way to work, meeting a friend for coffee or setting up camp by yourself to study for finals. Whatever your reasoning is, you will not be disappointed when you turn up to grab lattes at any of these spots. You're not going to believe how cute these cafes are and how amazing their menus are.

Here's a sneak peek of what you could order!

Him & I Cafe

Where: 1153 The High Street

What we recommend: Biscotti, Pain Au Chocolat

Why you should go: The atmosphere at Him & I cafe is perfect. In the morning it's bright and in the evening it's dimly lit and romantic. It's the ideal spot to meet a date for coffee or to grab breakfast before work.



Where: 1196 Pinetree Way

@theonlybriannaembedded via  

What we recommend: Karak Tea, The Works Coffee Bun

Why you should go: If you love Papparoti's buns but don't want to schlep out to Vancouver to get them, now you don't have to. This new location is perfect for those craving coffee buns and some spicy tea.


Choco Coo Cafe

Where: 501 North Rd

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What we recommend: Matcha Mousse Cake

Why you should go: This aesthetically pleasing cafe is great for coffee and cake. Meet your friends here for an evening filled with delicious desserts and amazing latte art.


Coffee Monster

Where: 405 North Rd

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What we recommend: Espresso Affogato, Creme Brulee

Why you should go: The creme brulee is so amazing that it's reason enough to visit the Coffee Monster. It's also always busy with locals so we know their coffee is amazing.


Juillet Cafe

Where: 4341 North Rd

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What we recommend: Spanish Latte

Why you should go: The pasty work at Juillet's cafe is absolutely divine. Their cakes taste incredible. If you want to impress your date then you have to bring them to Juillet's cafe!


The Coffee Bun

Where: 8A9, 1015-1163 Pinetree Way

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What we recommend: Original Coffee Bun + Ice Cream, Green Tea Latte

Why you should go: If you're into Korean inspired coffee buns then you have to go to The Coffee Bun in Coquitlam. Locals swear by their authentic taste. The coffee bun with ice cream is a known favourite!


Beanery Coffeehouse & Eatery

Where: 101 - 2591 Panorama Dr

What we recommend: Coffee, Pomme De Terre Pizza

Why you should go: This little pizza and coffee shop hybrid is the perfect place to stop for lunch in Westwood Plateau. The thin crusted pizza is to-die-for and Coquitlam residents can't get enough.


Recommended for you

Creekside Coffee Factory

Where: 2773 Barnet Hwy

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What we recommend: Drip Coffee, Breakfast Wrap

Why you should go: This coffee shop is adorably decorated with teddy bears and they have the best latte art! They also invite local musicians to play during weeknights.


Coffee + Vanilla

Where: 1054 Austin Ave

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What we recommend: Tiramisu, Matcha Macaron Latte

Why you should go: O.M.G, Coffee + Vanilla is my new favourite coffee shop. They have the cutest desserts and their lattes are out of this world. If you have a birthday coming up, make sure to buy one of their special macaron cakes.


Nulife Living Food Cafe

Where: 108-2957 Glen Dr

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What we recommend: Blueberry Bliss Smoothie Bowl

Why you should go: This new vegan cafe is perfect if you want something a bit healthier. It's also right behind the Coquitlam Centre Mall so you can grab some coffee and then hit the mall for some shopping!


Connected Minds Cafe & Roastery

Where: 555 Clarke Rd

@pancakestoshareembedded via  

What we recommend: Caramel Ginger Spice Latte

Why you should go: This trendy spot serves up the most delicious seasonal lattes! You have to try the caramel ginger spice latte or the eggnog latte! Oh, and it's right outside Burquitlam station if you need a pick-me-up after riding the train.



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