Living in a coastal city, as a Vancouverite you're pretty much obliged to love seafood (if you don't, no judgement). But the benefits of that is that you know the difference between good seafood and bad seafood.

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Lucky for us, Vancouver definitely has good seafood. So get ready my fellow crab crunchers, lobster lovers, oyster obsessed friends, here are 16 seafood restaurants in Vancouver that you absolutely have to go if you haven't already!

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Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar // 1095 Hamilton St.

Located in the boujee district of Yaletown, Blue Water Cafe is defs the place you're going to want to take your girl (or the girls) for a classy night out. Offering the freshest west coast surf, Blue Water Cafe does not disappoint with their juicy crustacean selection and delicious sushi menu.

What to get: Too much freaking good food here! But some suggestions are definitely the Seafood Tasting For Two, the Atlantic Lobster, Aburi Sablefish Battera and Tsunami.

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Maruyama // 3883 Rupert St.

You can't say you're a seafood lover and not be completely in addicted to sushi. Maruyama's first class sushi chef, Yoshiya Maruyama, accompanied by its adorable setting makes this restaurant the perfect spot for amazing sushi with your BFFs.

What to get: Chef's selection omakase. Always gotta trust the pro.

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The Holy Crab // 1588 Robson St.

Time to get down and dirty (not like that you dirty perv). The Holy Crab is definitely not somewhere you want to take your first date, but totally BFF and family friendly! The Holy Crab literally give you a wooden mallet to devour your favourite crustaceans with, so slap on a bib, throw on some gloves, and get smashing away at the delicious Louisiana-style seafood boil.

What to get: Shrimp rolls, obviously their Dungeness crab, and though not seafood, their frog legs are also super yummy.

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YEW Seafood + Bar // 791 W Georgia St.

If you're looking for a great seafood restaurant with romantic and sultry ambience to take your S/O, YEW is the place. Definitely on the pricier end of seafood restaurants, but I mean, treat yo self!

What to get: Panfried Sablefish and Crab tacos.

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Raisu // 2340 W 4th Ave.

Another delicious sister of Kingyo, Rajio, and Suika, Raisu offers inventive Japanese izayakas with some seriously good sushi and sashimi dons. If you  are a chirashi don advocate and haven't gotten a chance to try their Deluxe Seafood Bowl yet, you need to go, like now.

What to get: The Deluxe Seafood Bowl. Your beloved chirashi don on steroids.

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Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar // 1055 W Hastings (and others)

Latrell wasn't lying when he said oysters were an aphrodisiac, and oysters from Chewies are going to make your oyster-loving S/O fall in love with you over and over again.

What to getBuck-a-shuck Happy Hour Oysters  and Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles (I know...not seafood but still so good!).

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The Captain's Boil // 1226-8338 Capstan Way

Richmond is either your neck of the woods, or might as well be a road trip away, but The Captain's Boil is totally worth the drive. This seafood boil style restaurant is going to best the best lobster dinner you've ever had.

What to get: Any seafood with the Cajun or Garlic Sauce spice. Definitely the cajun fries too!

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Joe Fortes // 777 Thurlow St.

This Vancouver classic is a classic for a reason. Known for their seafood tower, freaking amazing Appy Hour (available daily 4PM to 6PM) and stunning rooftop patio, Joe Fortes will have you coming back for more.

What to get: Joe's Seafood Tower On Ice and Shrimp and the ever so yummy and cute Lobster Rolls.

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Rodney's Oyster House // 405-1228 Hamilton St. (and others)

Again, just trust Latrell. 

What to get: Raw Oysters (obvs) and Panfried Oysters wrapped in shredded potatoes.

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Cardero's // 1583 Coal Harbour Quay

Go for the gorgeous view of Coal Harbour and stay for the supreme seafood. The service here is always on point and you can even head on over the bar after dinner for their live music!

What to get: BC Salmon burger and the Mussels in coconut curry sauce (100% bread dipping worthy).

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LIFT Bar & Grill // 333 Menchion Mews

Another beautiful dockside restaurant in Coal Harbour, but with a more intimate setting. Try to get a table at their upstairs patio near the fireplace, definitely the coziest spot in the restaurant.

What to get: Their crispy Fish and Chips and signature Spider Cones.

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Coast // 1054 Alberni St.

A trendy lunch spot with an awesome Happy Hour that serves bomb appies and $5 drinks. How can you pass up $5 sangria? Come'on.

What to get: Miso-Maple Sablefish and Crispy Calamari.

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Ancora // #2-1600 Howe St.

Seafood by the seashore, it just feels right. Ancora has one of the best waterfront views right beneath the Granville Bridge and serves some of the most innovative, freshest and delicious seafood in the city. The flavours are always on point and their plating game is crazy strong.

What to get: Steelhead Trout Anticucho and the Aji Panca Glazed Sablefish.

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The Sandbar // 1535 Johnston St.

After a nice long day of adventure at Granville Island, all you wanna do is put up your feet and eat. The Sandbar is

What to get: We can't get enough of their Truffle Parmesan Fries, and their Arctic Char is perfection.

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Dockside Restaurant // 1253 Johnston St.

The Dockside Patio is to die for. The classy but comfortable outdoor seating, accompanied by a stunning Vancouver view, paired with delicious seafood, it doesn't get any better.

What to get: Smoked Salmon Penne and Salt Spring Island Mussels.

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