20 “Secret Restaurants” In Vancouver You’ve Got To Check Out

Your next restaurant, cafe or bar awaits you in this article.

Yes, Vancouver is a city... but honestly, it's not a particularly big one. So sometimes after a while, the food or bar options may begin to feel limited. But there's actually more to the city than you would think. So we're here to introduce you to some hidden gems you may or may not have ever been to that are definitely worth trying.

One Vancouver's major strengths is its diversity, which is totally reflected in the restaurant and bar scene. From tropical tiki bars to luxe French restaurants, courtyard cafes and more, the cuisine and ambience of the city continually growing and evolves.

So we're here to help add to your restaurant, cafe or bar bucket list or maybe even help you to start your own. This article might just be your answer to the classic "where should we eat" debate.

Whether it's for your next date night, Sunday brunch, cafe study sesh or night out, there are tons of places in Vancouver worth checking out. We can't wait to see where your food, cafe or bar adventures will take you!

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