In trying to keep up with the urban beat of busy Vancouver, it's hard to make time for a gourmet meal. But as the summer takes over Raincity, we are finally reacquainted with the delicious, convenient and innovative world of food trucks.

Whether it's a cheesy home style grilled cheese or a spicy Pan-Asian bowl, you can find pretty much anything on the street. Here is a list of the best food trucks in Vancouver this summer, along with when and where to spot them:

Photo cred- @lalalivia

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

Offering soups, sandwiches and chips, you can find the ultimate, cheesy comfort here! For a mouthful of home, find this food truck near the Vancouver Art Gallery.


Photo cred- @tacofinovan


Branching out from beautiful Tofino, this Mexican truck perfects the art of “slow fast food.” Try their fish tacos; boasted to be the best in BC!


Photo cred- @roamingdragon 

Roaming Dragon

Meet the city’s dragon who the owners claim to have a ‘heart and soul” of his own. Try any of their unique interpretations of food across Southeast Asia.


Photo cred- @islandbunni

Vij’s Railway Express

Described as a “creative and mobile exploration of the culinary diversity of India.”


Photo cred- @downtownambassadors

Arturo’s Mexican To Go

This truck offers you a fusion of traditional Spanish and Mexican flavors, all available conveniently on the go. Grabbing a gourmet lunch infused with flavor has never been this easy!


Photo cred- @mintyfusion

Bobbie’s Authentic Indian and Fusion

East Indian influences are revamped with the support of traditional family recipes. Try the butter chicken for a wholesome, flavour filled experience.


Photo cred- @aidanwagner

Feastro the Rolling Bistro

Fried chicken, tacos and delicious pulled meat are all found in one conveniently mobile location. Get a side of dirty fries to bring it all together in the best way!


Photo cred- @hj_ggg


A popular Vancouver fusion, indulge in a Japanese style street food classic: the hot dog.


Photo cred- @ellamt


On those busy mornings, swap your egg McMuffin for a quick stop at the Yolks Street Truck. Taking the perfected brunch to the streets, this mobile breakfast will brighten your day.


Photo cred- @nocandosir

The Pressure Box

The Pressure Box enhances the classic American cusine by cooking ‘sous-vide,’ and only using local, freshly grown ingredients. Experience fine dining on the streets of Vancouver!


Photo cred- @vikingswedishpancakes

Viking Swedish Pancakes

Stop here to try a unique style of pancake somewhere in between the thinness of a crêpe and the thickness of American pancakes. Ditch the maple syrup and try these fluffy dreams with a dabble of seasonal Nordic jam.


Photo cred- @yvrdctaco

Disco Cheetah Korean Grill

Ever heard of a Korean burrito? Try a variety of Mexican dishes made with Korean ingredients at this innovative food truck!


Photo cred- @gopro_vancouver

Chou Chou Crêpes

Find here a truly artisanal French cuisine experience. Enjoy a savoury or sweet crepe at this elegant truck for a taste of France in urban Vancouver.


Photo cred- @chrisogram777

Super Thai Food

Enjoy a box of express Thai food with authenticity.


Photo cred- @cestsibontruck

C’est Si Bon

Simple French food made from scratch. Try the Croque Monsieur for a classic Parisian lunch.


Via Tevere Pizzeria Express

Via Tevere takes their classic Neapolitan style wood burning oven to the Streets. Spot the blue truck for an exquisite bite of Italian authenticity.


Aussie Pie Guy

Aussie Pie Guy brings deliciously succulent Australian hand-held pies to Vancity!


Culver City Salads

The Culver sisters promise that “yes, kale is your soul’s spirit vegetable.” This truck offers pure goodness to your stomach while also being kind to the environment. They are on their way to being Vancouver’s first solar powered Food Truck!


Photo cred - @gaboobies

EAT Chicken Wraps

Taste classic lunch on the go like never before. This truck offers creative chicken wraps and Asian fusion at its best, all completely affordable.


REEL Mac and Cheese

Can you ever have enough mac and cheese? Try a classic or fusion American favourite at this mobile comfort food paradise.


Tandoori Tikka Dog

Savour the classic hot dog with a spicy, South Asian twist.


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