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31 Bucket List Restaurants You Must Try In Vancouver Before You Die

Rollin' through the 6....quite literally

If you live in Vancouver, you are probably a foodie or friends with a foodie who takes their pre-meal photoshoots pretty damn seriously. But with so many amazing restaurants in Vancouver, how could you not be?

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This list is only a small fraction of the endless amazing restaurants in Vancouver. So in no particular order, here are 31 Vancouver restaurants that you have to try before you die.



photo cred - @trancer

1. Miku // #70-200 Granville St.

Come here for their Aburi Oshi Sushi and Aburi Chirashi Tart... and the unbelievable ocean view.

2. Phnom Penh // 244 East Granville St.

You absolutely cannot leave without falling in deep, deep love with their fried chicken and butter beef.

3. Jethro's Fine Grub // 3420 Dunbar St.

Come hungry or hungover. Jethro's' super-sized breakfast plates have got the cure.


photo cred - @yolksbreakfast

4. Yolks // 546 West Broadway St.

The eggs bennies here are beyond eggs-ellent!

5. Hawksworth // 801 West Georgia St.

Four-time winner of the Best Upscale Restaurant in Vancouver, get classy in your LBD and prepare to be wined and dined. (Seriously, their wine menu is a binder probably thicker than the study notes for your final).


photo cred - @sir.ryvn

6. Japadog // 530 Robson St.

The best thing to have ever happened to the hot dog: Japanese mayo and nori flakes.

7. Tacofino // 2327 East Hastings St.

You'll look at their menu and want to order every kind of taco, but you'll probably leave having ordered 4 more fish tacos.


photo cred - @t.changg

8. Finch's Tea and Coffee House // 353 West Pender St.

That pear, blue brie, prosciutto and roasted walnut baguette is just...(excuse me, let me just wipe off my drool)


photo cred - @chariteee

9. Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe // 2150 Fir St.

I live by the motto: Mo' Buttuh Mo' Bettah. Beaucoup Bakery's croissants are the epitome of this motto.

10. Thomas Haas // 998 Harbourside Dr.

Speaking of croissants, Thomas Haas' almond croissants will make you wonder how it took you this long to discover this nugget of gold.

11. Jam Cafe // 556 Beatty St.

Don't let its name confuse you. They do way more than just jam for breakfast.

12. The Foundation // 2301 Main St.

Thanks to a few too many trips to Foundies, I have now become a proud advocate of their Utopia Nachos and sangria. And I'm telling you guys, the music they play is always straight fire.


photo cred - @rebekah.ho

13. Cafe Orso // 4316 Gallant Ave.

Okay, so Cafe Orso may not exactly be a restaurant, but their post-hike snacks will motivate you to go on a few more hikes at Quarry Rock.

14. The Red Wagon // 2296 East Hastings St.

All you need to know here are three words: Pulled Pork Pancakes. You're welcome.

15. Nuba // 207 West Hastings St.

Healthy organic and local Lebanese food to keep you living longer so you can get through the rest of this list.


photo cred - @_deetee

16. Meat & Bread // 370 Cambie St.

Don't know how to pronounce "porchetta"? You will now.


photo cred - @iamsas

17. Dockside Restaurant // 1253 Johnston St.

Tucked just on the outside corner of Granville Island, their summer patio is definitely one of the best in the city that you can't miss out on.

18. Rodney's Oyster House // 1228 Hamilton St.

Did you know that oysters are an aphrodisiac? Enough said.

19. Score on Davie // 1262 Davie St.

Score's fully loaded Caesars are the ultimate embodiment of awesomeness in a glass. You're awesome, they're awesome, let's drink.


photo cred - @theparlouryaletown

20. The Parlour // 1011 Hamilton St.

Amazing pizza and one of the biggest, bestest fish bowls in the city. How could you stay away?

21. Vij's // 3106 Cambie St.

By far one of the best Indian restaurants around. Butter Chicken anyone?


photo cred - @meglewisschneider

22. Burdock & Co. // 2702 Main St.

Local and organic ingredients crafted for sustainable eating. Enjoy amazing food and know that you're doing good to the environment.

23. The Peaceful Restaurant // 2394 West 4th Ave.

If you watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on Food Network, you already know why this is on the list. If not, please ask for their beef rolls.

24. Blue Water Cafe // 1095 Hamilton St.

Dedicated to using sustainable seafood and creating innovative and unique dishes, Blue Water Cafe is truly one of the best restaurants for all things seafood.

25. Troll's // 6408 Bay St.

If you don't live near Horseshoe Bay, you're gonna have to make a bit of a trip for this one. But the crispy golden fish and chips here are so worth it.


photo cred - @chelle_lan

26. Joe Fortes // 777 Thurlow St.

Happy Hour, Surf and Turf and that infinitely satisfying Lobster Oil. Oh my God, and those onion rings...

27. YEW Seafood + Bar // 791 West Georgia St.

On the West Coast, you can't possibly do Vancouver without indulging in a seafood night. Urban fine dining with the finest, freshest seafood, YEW cannot go wrong.

28. Tuc Craft Kitchen // 60 West Cordova St.

If you read us regularly, you already that we're obsessed with fried chicken and waffles. This is the spot.


photo cred - @umamigirl

29. Santouka // 1690 Robson St.

Authentic and simple, but always satisfying, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka never stops brewing up the best Shoyu broth for their always fresh ramen.

30. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot // #405-5300 No. 3 Rd.

Ain't no saucin' needed at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, their soup base is so good that adding extra sauce would just be pointless.


photo cred - @vancouverfoodie

31. Sushi By Yuji // 2252 Kingsway St.

Don't be fooled by the low key interior, Yuji's Guukan specialty, egg yolk on sushi, packs a smooth but unexpected punch.

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