With your bills, your rent, your groceries, the life you live in Vancouver is expensive enough. How is one supposed to stay stylish in this city? Thrifting is your answer, with awesome thrift shops like these that will keep your style fly and your wardrobe fresh AF. You're guaranteed to find a few diamonds in the rubble at these amazing Vancouver thrift shops.

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So get ready for treasure hunt after treasure hunt, because this list is freaking awesome.

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1. F As In Frank // 2425 Main St.

From old school baseball jerseys to reworked Tommy crop tops, F as in Frank has got a racks on racks of cheap to mid range priced vintage goodies.

PSA: If you don't already know, F As In Frank holds a semi-annual "Fill-A-Bag" sale (a.k.a. Christmas for vintage junkies) where you stuff a bag with all your finds and pay by the weight. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated when it happens!

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2. The Rag Machine // 2425 Main St.

The child of F as in Frank, the Rag Machine sells style by the pound. It's like F as in Frank's "Fill-A-Bag" sale all year round! Find awesome vintage and thrifted items for super cheap, but be ready to dive into buckets of clothes and spend you're entire afternoon here.

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3. Front & Company // 3772 Main St.

Trying to purge your closet of old clothes and swap them for "new" ones? Front & Company is mostly a consignment store that will accept your new and used items while you shop for new additions to your closet. You can definitely thrift some great quality pieces here.

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4. USED - House of Vintage // 1008 Robson St.

This quirky, red-carpeted second level vintage shop has got some great finds, but make sure you catch them ASAP right after they've receive a fresh batch of new items. They're located in a prime shopping location so make sure you're the first!

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5. Mintage // 1714 Commercial Dr.

Mintage may not have a super flashy store front, but this modest little retro thrift store has got some awesome pieces for the vintage lover.

PS: They have amazing vintage jackets.

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6. Community Thrift & Vintage // 41 West Cordova St.

The name has it, a small community thrift store tucked around the corner of Gastown. An awesome vibe with awesome vintage finds, next time you pass by Gastown you'll have to come by here.

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7. Wildlife Thrift Store // 1295 Granville St.

Get ready to spend your entire day here because this thrift store has got way more than just vintage clothes. From kitchenware to furniture, suitcases to old school vinyl, make time to spend your entire day here vibing to the music and treasure hunting.

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