Pizza: the ecstasy of the stomach. With an abundance of cheese, toppings and crust… what’s not to love? It’s been there through the best of times and the worst of times.

Your first date: a candlelit dinner at your local pizza hub. Your first break up: a deep-dish-mouth-shovelling extravaganza. It’s been there for you though every stay-up-all-night sleepover and every post-crazy-tequila-adventure. All of us need to indulge in life’s urban fruit of deliciousness from time to time.

Here is a list of 21 places in Vancouver where you can do just that:

1. Pizzeria Farina // 915 Main St.

This cozy space offers simple choices made with authentic perfection. Head here before the “dough runs out” to ensure you don’t miss out on this Vancity delicacy!

Photo cred- @niclipizzeria

2. Nicli Antica Pizzeria // 62 East Cordova St.

The traditions of this delicious Pizza recipe have been passed down in the Nicli family for four generations. It is the first VPN certified pizzeria in Vancouver, so you know that it holds true to its country of origin.

3. Via Tevere // 1190 Victoria Dr.

The owners of this rustic joint learned the delicate culinary art of Neapolitan pizza making from their countless summers spent on Via Tevere, a small street in Naples.

Photo cred- @zero_zero_pizzeria

4. ZeroZero Pizza // 415 Abbot St.

Come here on a game night wearing support for your team and get a pizza and drink for only $6!

5. Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria // 350 Robson St.

Their goal is to create a little piece Brooklyn, New York right here in Vancity. Travel with every bite.

Photo cred- @peanutbutterandjeanie

6. Trilussa Pizza and Pane // 4363 Main St.

With a proud Roman chef, come here to enjoy Roman style pizza and pane.

7. Nat’s New York Pizzeria // 2684 West Broadway

This family recipe has travelled from Naples to New York and now Vancouver! Find specialty thin crust, Neapolitan style pizzas with modern twists at any of their two locations.

Photo cred- @pizzacarano

8. Pizza Carano // 4241 Fraser St.

Enjoy non-traditional style pizzas with classic ingredients mixing with innovative fusions. Try the Spicy Coconut Kale pizza for a truly unique, culinary experience.

9. Nook // 781 Denman St.

This charming and casual joint offers simple Italian cooked with wholesome ingredients. Try their classic dishes at any of their two Vancity locations.

Photo cred- @dianagchan

10. The Firewood Café // 3004 Cambie St.

The Firewood Café has warm and cozy vibe with authentic wood burning ovens. Each type of wood used lends a unique flavour to your pizza.

11. Pizzeria Barbarella // 654 East Broadway

The busy and bustling, casual atmosphere gives it a family style ambiance. Only using local, organic and hand-made ingredients, Pizzeria Barbarella gets you the freshest slice around.

Photo cred- @bufalayvr

12. Bufala // 5395 West Blvd.

The fun and inviting atmosphere makes everybody feel at home while enjoying classic Italian thin crust.

13. Bella Gelateria // 1001 West Cordova St.

Although famously loved for their gelato, Bella Gelateria offers artisan style Neapolitan pizza made with only ethical and organic ingredients at two trendy locations. Try their gluten free dough for a healthy option that tastes just as delicious and leaves you plenty of room for dessert.

Photo cred- @dinevancity

14. Don’t Argue Pizzeria // 3240 Main St.

Enjoy gourmet whole pies or pizza by the slice at this urban eatery.

15. Romano’s Pizza // 902 Granville St.

Stop in for a late night slice that doesn’t taste like its been sitting in a sauna all day. Romano’s offers truly great pizza for an even greater price.

Photo cred- @bibo_pizzeria_con_cucina

16. BiBo Pizzeria con Cucina // 1835 West 4th Ave.

The quirky meets classic décor gives the pizza a stylish home. Enjoy true authenticity with ingredients hand picked from Italy.

17. Frankie's Italian Kitchen and Bar // 765 Beatty St.

This elegant dining room serves classic comfort pizzas from Southern Italy. Enjoy an upscale vibe for a modest price.

Photo cred- @kyotea

18. Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé // 800 West Pender St.

This bakery is great for a quick lunch downtown. Here you are charged by your pizza’s weight instead of per slice… Pile up!

Photo cred- @theparlouryaletown

19. The Parlour // 1011 Hamilton St.

The Parlour is a social eatery with wonderfully unique Pizza. Try the ‘Yaletown’ West Coast fusion pizza for a delicious taste of Vancity.

20. Slice of Chicago // 5812 Fraser St.

Make your deep dish dreams come true in this Chicago style joint.

Photo cred- @meintalism

21. Uncle Fatih’s Pizza // 625 Nelson St.

This local joint now boasts 7 locations. Head down to any of the 5 in Vancouver for cheap, by the slice pizza with unique toppings.

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