Living in Vancouver, we all have a friend who's vegetarian or vegan. In the case you wonder what your hipster friend eat part from fruits and veggies and you still want to to treat yourself when dining out, brace yourself and you're about to enter into the magical world of plant-based meals...

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One amazing thing in Vancouver is that you'll  never have any issues to find a good vegan friendly place to eat that will both satisfy your friend's diet and your omnivore appetite. Forget the misconceptions about meat-free meals and try yummy dishes !

Here is a list of the best vegan-friendly restaurant in Vancouver:

Photo cred - @harrietelise

1. The MeeT 

Where: 12 Water St

Type: Fake Carnivore Food

Photo cred - @corinaandreea

2. Vegan Pizza House

Where: 2119 Kingsway

Type: Pizza

Photo cred - @stormyllewellyn

3. Edible Flours

Where: 2280W Broadway

Type: Bakery

Photo cred - @coach_juanitas

4. East is East

Where: 4433 Main St

Type: Asian - Mediterranean Fusion

Photo cred - @whenjokerdies

5. The Wallflower

Where: 2420 Main St

Type: Comfort Food

Photo cred - @greensoulholistics 

6. The Naam

Where: 2724 4h Ave

Type: Everything you can dream of

Photo cred - @jaimiesoneileen

7. 3G Vegetarian Restaurant

Where: 3424 Cambie St

Type: Asian Fusion

Photo cred - @theo_beyt

8. Sejuiced

Where: 1958 4th Ave

Type: Smoothies/Salad Bar

9. Paradise Vegetarian Noodles

Where: 8681 10th Ave

Type: Chinese

10. Nuba

Where: 3116W Broadway

Type: Lebanese

11. Heirloom Vegetarian

Where: 1509W Broadway

Type: Asian Western Fusion

12. Tera V Burger

Where: 2961W Broadway

Type: Burger

13. Cafe Deux Soleil

Where: 2096 Commercial Dr

Type: Quick & Easy

14. Lotus Seed Vegetarian Restaurant

Where: 3665 Kingsway

Type: Western-Asian Fusion

15. Cafe by Tao

Where: 131W Esplanade

Type: Cafe

16. Veggie Bowl Restaurant

Where: 2222 Kingsway

Type: Vietnamese

17. Veggie Bob's Kitchen 

Where: 9044 Glover Road

Type: Comfort food

18. Sala Thai

Where: 888 Burrard St

Type: Thai

19. Fassil 

Where: 736E Broadway

Type: Ethiopian

20. Exile Bistro

Where: 1220 Bute St

Type: French - Canadian Fusion

21. Five Elements Cafe

Where: 1046 Commercial Dr

Type: Vietnamese & Thai

22. Po Kong 

Where: 1334 Kingsway Ave

Type: Cantonese

23. Chau Veggie Express

Where: 5052 Victoria Dr

Type: Vietnamese

24. Bandidas Taqueria

Where: 2781 Commercial Dr

Type: Mexican

25. The Black Lodge

Where: 630 Kingsway

Type: Bistro

26. Pho Linh

Where: 325E Broadway

Type: Vietnamese BBQ

27. Dharma Garden Veggie Deli

Where: 3195 Kingsway

Type: Vietnamese

28. The Green Moustache Juice 

Where: 3607W 4th Ave

Type: Healthy Organic Cafe

29. Chomp Vegan Eatery

Where: 3686 Fraser St

Type: Comfort Food

30. Dharma Kitchen

Where: 3667W Broadway

Type : Thai

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