Bars and restaurants come and go so often in Vancouver that, even as someone who eats out for almost every meal, I find it hard to keep up. There were about a handful of places that should have been on this list, but have unfortunately closed. Otherwise, I will proudly say that I have personally eaten or drank at all of these fine establishments, and each of them is unique in their own way.

Whether it's the food or the ambiance, all of these places are worth a visit. Here is a list of seven unusual bars and restaurants.

Photo Cred - @Katyaaroy

Dark Table // 2611 W 4th Ave

This place is great for many reasons, the obvious being that you dine in pitch black. Another being that its BYOB. Yes, you heard me right. So make sure you hit the BCL on the way. Also, if you're on a budget, here is a group I found for you: Dark Table  You can pick your email a head of time, or I recommend going for the "Surprise" meal.

 The Afghan Horseman // 1833 Anderson Street

This is a great place to go with a group of people. If you book ahead, you can ask to sit in one of the authentic dinning tables - which is basically just a room of really comfortable pillows, but its totally worth it. I recommend ordering the platters, that way you can try a bit of everything and order more of the stuff you like the best.

The Eatery // 3431 W Broadway

Another bizarre spot in West Vancouver, but also some of the best sushi ever. This quirky spot is home to some seriously strange art installations in including a life-sized Astro Boy. Tip: Make sure you order the salmon tempura. Food-gasm.

Photo Cred - @jessi.ej

The Elbow Room // 560 Davie St

If you didn't have enough attitude from the ladies at the club on Friday night, you should definitly grab some brunch at The Elbow Room. Known for the staff's sarcastic and somewhat rude attitude, this might not be the place for after church brunch with the grandparents.

EXP Restaurant and Bar // 309 West Pender St

EXP is every Vancouver gamer's oasis. They offer different types of gaming events nightly. Everything thing inside this place is gamer themed, from the decorations to the menu. If you're a gamer and you haven't been here yet, you should reconsider your level 12 Dungeon Master status.

Storm Crow Tavern // 1305 Commercial Dr

The ultimate nerd bar. Opened by the former founder of Popcap Games and from what I hear even better then EXP. Everything about this places screams geek. The ambience is inviting, but the wait times can be brutal on busier days.

The Black Lodge // 630 Kingsway

Did you ever watch that crime show Twin Peaks? Well, you should, and then you should go to The Black Lodge. Inspired by the hit TV series created by David Lynch, don't let the fact that its a vegetarian restaurant deter you. The food is pretty bomb too.

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